"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Portrait Sitting

I went to have Averie's 6 month pictures today. I don't know why I go because I take enough pictures on my own, but I just like to have the professional pictures a couple of times a year. So I got together my coupons, set the appointment, bought the dress, the accessories, got up this morning and got Averie fed, napped, dressed, and happy. Dropped Mason off at school, and headed to JC Penneys Portrait studio. I was ready right on time, Averie was happy, and everything was perfect. Then the photographer snapped a couple of pictures and asked if I wanted anything else. What? That was it? Did you get any of her feet? What about a different background? No? Seriously that is it? He barely tried to get her to smile, which she didn't. She was so happy and cooperative, but the photographer didn't even try. I got him to take a few more, but they were really disappointing. The Penneys in Provo is really good, so I guess I was expecting more. There were only two pictures that were even descent. I was majorly bummed becuase she looked so dang cute! So I went home and took a ton of pictures with my camera. Not professional by any means, but at least I got some smiles and some pictures of her cute little toes. If anyone knows a good portrait studio in Idaho Falls let me know...

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Force

So today I was working on Christmas projects and I let the kids play video games way too much. (Mason didn't have school.) I was observing Mason enthusiastically play his Lego Star Wars game, and I just had to make a video clip. This one is best watched at least five times. I love how Mason gives Ellorie the play by play. Here is the dialog if you couldn't catch it:

Mason: I'm blocking Darth Vader's moves.

(Mason Sticks out his tongue for the Air Jordan video game power while Ellorie proceeds to stand on her head.)

Mason: I got seven of his hearts!

Ellorie: Really! Now there's only three! (Well, at least they are working on math skills)

Mason: AHHHHH! Yeah, there's only three left to go. UGH!! Know why I was going AHH? AHHHHH!! Know why I was going, why I was going like that? Darth Vader, uh Darth Maul was using the force on me.

This continues for quite some time... I love how Mason is so excited that he absolutely can not hold still and how Ellorie is just pretending to be interested. She actually likes to play this game too, but Mason makes her drop out for the hard parts because she always shoots him on "accident". Her favorite character is this tiny robot that doesn't do anything but look cute. She says over and over how cute he is. They also like to be the battle droids which they call "Roger, Roger". Mason's favorite is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and occasionally R2-D2, because he is also cute, and because he can fly. They do the funniest role playing when I'm in the other room and they think I can't hear them. I'll have to try to catch it on tape sometime... What fun kids.

Little Averie Kisses (another video, I just can't resist...)

Okay, I'm going overboard with the video clips, but I can't help it! Averie was doing the cutest thing yesterday morning. I'm so glad I caught it on video, because she isn't doing it anymore. She is so much fun. Press "Play" here to watch.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buzzy Bee

Press Play here to watch this video. I know I already posted a video of Averie laughing, but I couldn't resist. It's just so cute...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Scrapbook Retreat

I'm home! I went to a scrapbook retreat this weekend. It was SOOOO much fun. Mom watched Mason and Ellorie, and Averie came with me -she was really good. My friend invited me to come to her parent's cabin to scrapbook with her 5 other die-hard scrapbooking friends. It was a nice relaxing weekend, though they all put me to shame. I finished a whole bunch of scrapbook pages- I'm almost caught up. I've attached some of the pages, but I apologise for the quality of the photographs. There was a cricut machine there, and all the font cartridges. I didn't think I wanted one, and now I must have one! (it's a really cool machine that cuts out letters for your pages) I really enjoy scrapbooking.

Mason and Ellorie had a blast at Grandma Gina's. (Thank you so much for watching them Mom!!!) Ellorie told me she wouldn't miss me because she had Pikachu to play with. (A Pokemon toy at Grandma's house) Kelsey gave Mason a bed tent for his birthday, so they had a blast playing with that. (Never mind that they were supposed to be sleeping, they were at Grandma's after all) They also got to go to the dairy with Papa Ken and see the cows. Also cute pictures, but I don't have them yet- I'll post them later. I guess Brandon survived without us. He cleaned the whole house while we were gone! No doubt he enjoyed the peace and quiet. It is good to be home.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pirate Party

We celebrated Mason's birthday yesterday and had a pirate party for him. (I am going to a scrapbook retreat on his birthday.) He was more than happy to have his party almost a week early. It was his first "real" birthday party with friends from school and the neighborhood (and cousins too). We had 11 kids here, including Mason and Ellorie. It was very very loud, but I think everyone had fun. We had a treasure hunt, a pirate pinata, pirate games (Like Captain says, and Pirate, Pirate, Monkey - my own strange versions of Simon says, and Duck, duck, goose), and of course cake and presents. My voice was completely gone by the time the kids left. An hour and a half was just about right. The "Family" stayed for a little BBQ and games. The grownups played Darren and Tessa's Guitar Hero, and the kids had a blast with all the new toys. Ellorie claimed at least half of the presents as her own. It's amazing how I can spend a week preparing for an hour and a half of chaos, but it was totally worth it to see the smile on Mason's face. He had a lot of fun, and I think all the other kids did too. My favorite part of celebrating my kids birthdays is designing and making their cakes. I always hated birthday cake growing up. Now I like chocolate cake on rare occasions. I always had cheesecake for my birthday. I hardly ever make desserts now, because I am the only one that eats them. It was nice to have a birthday party with lots of guests because the cake is GONE.

Pirate Treasure Hunt... Pirate, pirate, monkey... Pirate Pinata...

Speaking of desserts, I just LOVE rice pudding right now. Brandon thinks it is absolutely vile. I was craving it for weeks, so on Thursday I made some just for me (because I am the only one in my family that will touch it), and I ate it all myself. Is that a really wierd thing to like or something? I think it is SOOO good. Maybe it's because my mom made it a lot when I was little. It's funny how people have such different tastes.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


We survived Halloween! The last three days have been so busy it seems like it should be the weekend already. Mason had a fun Halloween party at school put on by the room mothers. Ellorie, Averie, and I went to watch. Later we went to the ward Trunk-or-treat in the church parking lot. There were so many people there! The kids got tons of candy. Ellorie only lasted about fifteen minutes, but Mason went around to every car at least twice. It was cold, so I was glad I took pictures early. Averie was dressed as a banana and was very cozily bundled up. Brandon got off work early to join us. I ran out of candy by 6:00 and had to go to the store for more! Mason loved to answer the door and hand out candy. We had a lot more trick-or-treaters here than in our old neighborhood. The kids are going to be sick from all the candy, but my theory is to let them eat it all and get it out of the way. I made them eat some scrambled eggs this morning before they devoured their candy. Ellorie's stash is almost gone already. I feel sorry for the teachers that have to deal with the post-Halloween sugar-high hyper children today.
I started working on Christmas gifts this week. A little early, I know, but these things take time. No hints!! Mason is going to have his birthday party this Saturday, a pirate party, so I have plenty of things to do. My first job is to figure out how to make a treasure chest out of card board. Not to mention the cake, decorations, party favors, pinata, ... Birthdays are fun, probably more for me than for the kids. Mason is really excited though. He handed out his invitations to his friends at school today. I can 't believe he is going to be six years old! He is just getting so big. He is such a good kid, so helpful and fun.
I had SOOOO much fun at my riding lesson on Tuesday. The other girl didn't come again, so I had another private lesson. (I love it when she doesn't come!) Terie gave me a jumping lesson on Wynnfire, my regular lesson horse. (A purebred Arabian and retired show horse, who apparently loves to jump.) He has a ton of "GO", and is very sensitive. He is an awesome horse, and so much fun to ride. I was really nervous to jump because I haven't ever jumped over anything besides ditches, and those were usually on accident, and because I'm still getting used to the English saddles, and because I really didn't want to fall off. Terie's first question when I walked into the arena was, "Is your insurance current?" That usually isn't the best sign. I took the first jump at a trot (about 18 inches high). I sat down a little too hard on the landing, so Wynn took off at a gallop. It was actually kind of funny. The next time I was used to the sensation, so I was prepared for the landing. It was MUCH better. I was really comfortable both directions at a trot, so I tried jumping from a canter. It was actually easier to land after a few tries. The first try at a canter I approached too fast and by the time we landed, Wynnfire was in a full gallop. (I guess that is one of his favorite tricks) I started to slow him down before the jump and not get into two-point position until right before the jump, and it was much better. He jumped three feet at the end of the lesson. It was so much fun. And it helped me to "feel" my position in the saddle better at a canter. This barn isn't a jumping barn, and though Terie jumps very well herself, she doesn't teach it for liability purposes. (Other than one or two lessons for advanced students to improve riding position). So is was probably my one and only jumping lesson. I just love riding. I smiled all the way home.