"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Little Word Challenge: Create

I have decided to take the scrapbook challenge of the week from the "One Little Word" blog.(http://www.onelittleword.typepad.com/)
The challenge word is "Create". Ellorie is the most creative girl I know, so I decided to scrapbook one of her recent creations. Here it is:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've been tagged... "Two"

Two names I go by:
1. Mom or Mommy-Sue, it’s our family’s little term of endearment that Ellorie started; like Ellie-Sue, Mason-Sue, Avi-Sue, and Daddy-Sue. Ellorie has even on occasion said, Grandma Gina-Sue.
2. Britt

Two things I am wearing right now:
1. Purple flannel “good night, sheep tight” pajama bottoms. Yes, it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. It’s been one of those days.
2. Really warm socks because it is FREEZING!

Two of my favorite things to do:
1. Ride horses
2. Scrapbook

Two things I want right now:
1. A hot shower without any interruptions
2. lunch. I’m starving.

Two favorite pets I have had:
1. Nipper
2. Frosty

Two things I did last night:
1. Went to Roberts to buy a gift at 8:45 pm because Brandon got home a little “early”. I came home and put together a really cute wedding shower gift.
2. I returned discs 5 and 6 of season 2 of "Lost", and rented disc 1 of season 3. Yes, I’m still quite behind. The rest of season 3 is checked out, so I’ll have to wait a while longer.

Two things I ate today:
1. Scrambled eggs
2. An English Muffin

Two people I talked to last:
1. Brandon on the phone at work, he’s running an errand for me during his lunch break (Thanks honey!)
2. Peek-a-boo with Averie (peek-a-boo is talk, right?)

Two longest car rides ever:
1. The drive home from Twin Lakes, Washington the summer of 2003. Mason cried “Mama, mama, mama for 16 hours, and I was pregnant with Ellorie and really carsick and uncomfortable.
2. Our honeymoon road trip to the Oregon coast was a really long car ride, but it didn’t seem long. Oh those were the days…

Two favorite beverages:
1. Water
2. Sonic Route 44 Cherry Lime-Aid with light ice, but I’ve given them up.

I tag: Hilarie and Shannon (have you made that blog yet???) ALSO: I would LOVE to see more family blogs… it’s really easy! Go to
www.blogger.com and click on the link to make a blog. Send me your links if you make one. It is SO easy! Call me if you want help.

President Gordon B. Hinckley, 1910-2008


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ellorie's "Lost" dance

Every time she hears the closing title music for the tv show "Lost" (Which I have been watching previous seasons of to catch up before season 4 starts this Thursday), Ellorie runs in the living room and does this dance. It is a little tamed down from the usual dance, I assume, because the camera was present. I can predict her timing like clockwork. The song starts and Ellorie appears out of nowhere, dancing with all her might.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Great Products...

This week I was lucky enough to receive this fantastic magazine in the mail. It is subtitled, "Practical Products for Practical People". It actually had some pretty good ideas, but some of them... Well, you really have to read the explainations yourself to appreciate. It had me in stitches, so I thought I would share:

Self-explainitory I guess.

I just love this picture.

Just trying to picture the "Practicality" of this at our house. Gross.

My favorite part is "Also used by men to avoid chafing". Reminiscent of an episode of the Office...

One of the best sections was the "Feng Shui" Color therapy ideas. The products are probably fine, but the presentation was interesting at best. Read for yourself.

Getting that sewing done right requires the stimulation of red. No wonder sewing projects always take me forever!
So... If I buy the orange sweeper, I'll have more enthusiasm, sociability and optimism, right?

Good to know that if I'm having a bad day all I need to do is pull out that yellow ironing board cover to save the day.
Good feelings?? huh?
Exactly what are the benefits of purple again?

And my favorite: "because what could be more nurturing and loving than getting rid of stains?"

My Artwork

Yes, it's true, I am an artist. Or at least I used to be. Some of you wanted to see some of my "real" art, so here are some pictures, though I warn you, the photos aren't great. Many of these are from my obsessive landscape phase, and are still cluttering up my basement and closets, and most are still for sale. Guess I need to get paining again. I feel a painting spell coming on around late spring...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Two Degrees?!! Are you kidding me??

It is two degrees outside right now. That's right, two. Mason and Ellorie just begged and begged me to play outside, so I bundled them up, A Christmas Story style, and out they went. I give them five minutes, tops.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another First for Averie and Some Great Illustrations

Last night Brandon fed Averie her first juice pop. Apparently not a hit. My favorite part is the kids laughter in the background.

Press play to watch...

Tonight we read some favorite scripture stories, Daniel and the lion's den and David and Goliath. Mason likes the courage-in-the-face-of-danger stories. I read the first one, Mason read the second one, and then Mason and Ellorie illustrated the stories. Dad was entertaining Averie, who really likes to chew on the markers. I think Ellorie may have gotten the two stories confused because Daniel has an "owie" on his forehead. Oh well. The lion is darling. (And so fierce with eight legs!)

Mason illustrated David and Goliath- stone in the head and all. He also felt it necessary to create a page of weapons that may have been in the story. He said he thinks that Goliath probably had a big axe too. Maybe even a double axe. (Whatever that is.) Oh, why do boys like weapons so much. I guess there are a lot of really violent scripture stories. Lets hope he's getting something else out of the story as well.

Ellorie also created some bonus pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Averie's First Ponytail

Oh so cute.
My little girl barely has enough hair on top of her head for a tiny little ponytail. Ellorie was practically bald until she was two, so I was perhaps a little overexcited. Averie was thinking she was pretty hot stuff.
She really digs that comb too.

Back to Scrapbooking

Last weekend my lovely sisters-in-law came over for a little scrapbook fun. I'm really having too much fun with the Cricut machine. I figured I should start scrapbooking and use my new Christmas present. I didn't get tons of page finished, and I was going for simple and quick, but I thought I'd post a few. Most of the pictures I scrapbooked are already posted on my blog too so it's a little redundant to post them again, but oh well...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

This morning Ellorie saw a commercial for the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. She told me, "Mom, I just really want some of those". Oh yeah, I've been waiting a while for this... Guess what Ellorie, I have a whole box of Strawberry Shortcake dolls in the basement. Really! Oh yes. I've been waiting to break them out until she would really appreciate them. We went through the box and she picked out her four favorite dolls: (I don't remember their exact names) Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Something or Other(Tart?, that can't be right, does anyone know?), Blueberry Muffin, and Huckleberry Pie. She played bake shop all morning. Averie really tried to help, but mostly just chewed on things until we took them away from her, Raspberry's Monkey being her favorite. Thanks mom, for the great toys. I love them all over again now that my own daughter has discovered them. This morning we dined on strawberry soup, strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, and baked strawberry thanks to Chef Ellorie and her new favorite toy, Blueberry Muffin.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pink Curlers and Stylin' New Duds

When I was a little girl I would often go to bed on Saturday nights with a head full of spongy pink curlers. I now have officially imposed the same torture upon my dear daughter. I bought some for Ellorie last week, and we put her stick straight hair in curlers for the first time last night. She actually didn't mind. Much. Okay, I bribed her a little. But anyway, she had beautiful curly locks for church today. Mason and Averie were wearing new outfits, so I couldn't help but snap a few pictures before we ran out the door...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Play-Doh Cookies

Yesterday while Mason was at school and Averie was napping I decided to watch the first episode of Lost. (My sister gave me season 1 for Christmas). I told Ellorie it was too scary for her, so she was playing with Play-Doh in the kitchen. (By the way, it was perhaps a little too scary for me, but like a train wreck, I just couldn't stop watching...) A little while later she came in the living room with this darling tray of "cookies". She said, "Mommy, I made you some cookies!" Just look how perfect they are! And such cute colors. What a sweetheart. Look at that grin- she was pretty pleased with herself... She always makes me smile.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Little Word

Yes, that's right, Organize.
v. or·gan·ized, or·gan·iz·ing, or·gan·iz·es
1. To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.
a. To arrange in a coherent form; systematize: organized her thoughts before speaking.
b. To arrange in a desired pattern or structure: "The painting is organized about a young reaper enjoying his noonday rest" William Carlos Williams.
3. To arrange systematically for harmonious or united action: organize a strike.
I was looking at some scrapbook pages online yesterday and found Ali Edward's blog (http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/) I was really inspired by one of her posts, so I'm copying her! She chooses one word for each year to focus on, instead of lots of resolutions that never get met. She has a list of tons of words to choose from, and so this year I am going to focus on the word ORGANIZE. I'm not talking about alphebetizing the spice rack or color coordinating my closet. (or organizing a strike) I want to get just a little better at organizing my life. My thoughts, my family, my home, my meal-planning, my time, my scheduling, my papers that stack up to the ceiling... Being organized is not a strength for me, so I'm really going to work on it this year. I'm hanging up my word on my hallway mirror to remind me every day. And along those lines our scripture for the year is D&C 88:119. Especially the "house of order" part. Stay posted for updates! Suggestions welcome...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ellorie and the Wonder Pets

Ellorie had a hurried morning as we just moved our church time from 1pm to 9am! A bit of an adjustment for all of us, but we were actually on time for the first time in a while, so maybe it will work out. Ellorie went to primary for the first time today! I got to spy on her a little because Mason had a talk and I was there for moral support. Ellorie kept waving and smiling at me, and I'm told she was excited to volunteer for everything. No worries there. They sang happy birthday to her and she got to pick a prize out of the birthday box which really made her day. After church she opened up her birthday presents. She got lots of new art supplies, a polly pocket mini car, and the Wonder Pets. Wonder Pets is a really cute kids show on Nickelodeon. Here are a couple of clips, or visit http://www.nickjr.com/ for more info.

I think it is about the cutest kids show on tv. Ellorie wanted toys of the Wonder Pets, and so I looked them up online. There was one set for a small fortune, but they were really wierd looking, seriously. Borderline creepy. So, I happened to find the cutest little duck and guinea pig stuffed animals at Barnes and Noble, and I had to search ebay for a beanie baby turtle, and then I made their little hats and capes out of felt. It was super easy, and I think they look a lot more like the characters on the show. Ellorie was so thrilled when she opened them.

Just a little frightening...

Just a little bit more friendly...

One very excited birthday girl!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ellorie turns 4!

Poor Ellorie gets the raw end of the deal when it comes to birthdays. I don't care what anyone says, having a birthday right after Christmas is far worse than right before. It is always a spur of the moment deal with very little planning. I guess she isn't old enough to know the difference yet. I can't believe she is four! We celebrated her birthday tonight even though her real birthday is tomorrow. In exactly nine hours she will be four years old.

This morning Ellorie and Mason helped me make the cake. She changed her mind about what she wanted it to be every day this week, but finally settled on a yellow Pikachu cake. (Pokemon, see yesterday's post) And my cake decorating skills are nothing to brag about, but she was excited anyway.

We went to Chad and Hilarie's new place (They just moved in a couple of days ago), and went bowling. Ellorie thinks she loves bowling, and she does, for about 5 or 6 frames. I got a great shot of the approach and the release. Press play to enjoy: (best repeated several times)

Also very cute is this short clip of Ellorie dancing to the music while waiting for her turn:

She was very excited when she actually got a strike. Go figure. She almost beat Brandon and Chad. She also had a lot of fun playing with her cute cousin Brooklyn.

She hasn't opened her presents yet, but I'm really excited for her to see what I made her... I'll post pictures of my creations tomorrow.

Friday, January 4, 2008


My children love Pokemon. It's a bit embarrasing, but I've become somewhat of a Pokemon expert. My husband sometimes comes home to catch the last bit of a Pokemon show and asks a question like, "Why don't they just catch that big powerful Pokemon?". Well you see, honey, you can only catch a Pokemon if you beat it properly in a battle. You don't have to "knock it out", just beat it enough, then toss a Poke ball to catch it. Not all Pokemon can be tamed. Wild Pokemon must be trained to be useful in battle. hmm. The logic of this show is not exactly sound. It must make sense to kids though, because they love it. I learned my lesson with Thomas the Train and decided against purchasing the hundreds of action figures for the kids to play with. They always want more and more, and they are EXPENSIVE, so a few months ago I started making them "paper dolls" of the Pokemon and Characters for them to play with. I use them for incentives and bribery for various things, usually for going to bed without stalling or whining. They each have thier own envelope to store their Pokemon. They keep a running list of the Character they want next. Mason wants Kubutops, and Ellorie wants Nidoran. I have no idea what they are talking about usually. They all have really wierd names that I'm not sure how to pronounce. Thank goodness for Google images. Here are their current collections: (Some of them are a little dorky, but many of them were drawn in the car on long trips, so take that into consideration!)

I found this comic when I was searching for Pokemon images. It made me laugh: