"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday "Craft"ernoon

I went to the craft store this morning for just a couple of things, and ended up with a whole cart full. I am not a big shopper usually, but a girl just can't resist a good deal. All of the easter stuff was 90% off. Yeah, that's nine zero! I have no Easter decorations to speak of, so I bought some cute little things. These four little guys cost me a grand total of $1.40:

I really should have bought more. I also got some really cute felt easter baskets for next year. The kids were really good at the store, so I let them each pick out some wood shapes to paint. Mason picked stars, moons (boomerangs), and squares. I'm sure they will all be used as some form of weapons in the near future. Ellorie picked fences and horses. They had a great time painting, and now playing with their creations. It was a nice little Saturday craft. Good thing, because it was COLD again outside. They bundled up and attempted to go out to play, but it was short lived. Maybe next weekend will be warmer...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Signs of Spring (oh please, please, please)

Yesterday morning was a huge snowstorm, it's true. But today it was sunny and gave me hope that spring might actually come. The birds and squirrels seem to think so. They are out in large numbers eating all the yucky crab apples from my front yard. (Thank you birds!) So we did a little bird watching... Mason has some toy binoculars he was using to spy on them. The woodpecker was particularly exciting. I must be starved for sunshine...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My baby is mobile!

Averie is officially a mobile child now. She has taken to crawling this week, as well as pulling herself up to things she shouldn't touch. She is very, very busy and getting quicker every day. I took a couple of videos of her first unsuccessful crawling attempts, but this one is much better. She can really go places now! And she eats every little thing in her path (Except the little baby cereal bites she is supposed to eat, she much prefers paper and microscopic crumbs left by the kids.) Press play to watch:

Free Ride

Who ever said there is no such thing as a free ride? I had my riding lesson tonight, and my poor lesson horse had a cold. (I think I'm coming down with one myself, blah!) He was coughing and sluggish and just didn't feel well. We trotted some poles and tried to canter a bit, but he was just not up to it, so Terie said my lesson was free today. She also said I was boring her and I was ready to upgrade to a different horse. She was sort of joking, but quite serious. She said I have learned all I can learn from this horse and after the two week lesson break (for horse shows) I'm getting a different lesson horse. We'll see how that goes. She really wants me to compete in English equitation. Hmm... I'm going to go watch one of the horse shows next weekend. I'm excited to see what it's like. The only horse shows I've ever been to are little ones at couny fairs and such. After my lesson I snapped a few photos:

Poor Wynn had a nasty cold...

Isn't this a cute horse. I think he has beautiful eyes. I'm always partial to big grey arabians though. His name is "Chance". There are some stunning photos of him on
this website. (He's wearing the head warmer because he is shaved for the horse show next week and it's COLD today!)

Here is a picture of the indoor riding arena. It's actually bigger than it looks in this photo. Terie is building a new one this year I think. It's so nice to be able to ride inside when it's so frigid outside. Oh spring where are you??? No complaints though. At least I got a free ride today.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chocolate Bunnies for Breakfast

Happy Easter! We had a very nice day. With 9 am church, the kids had just a few minutes with their newly discovered Easter baskets before they had to get dressed, so it was chocolate bunnies for breakfast. (Though I tried to entice them to eat some cereal as well.) I suppose chocolate for breakfast won't hurt you once a year... Brandon was sick with my wicked cold/fever this morning, so he stayed home with sleeping Averie. We enjoyed church, and I even sang with the choir. We put Averie in her little dress after church for some quick pictures:

Then Averie discovered her basket, though she most liked to dump out the contents repeatedly.

We had a very nice Easter dinner, but with Brandon sick and the kids full of candy, I made enough for about 30, and only about 1 1/2 actually ate. Oh well, lots of leftovers... After dinner it was warm enough outside for Mason and Ellorie to play in the backyard for a while. They tried out their "bubble wands" and "butterfly kites". Check out the videos below of them "flying kites", it's pretty entertaining:

We hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Scrapjacked" Challenge

Here is my layout for the most recent "Scrapjacked" challenge:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Riding Again (Yeah!)

This is "Wynnfire", my cute little fat lesson horse. He was actually quite an accomplished show horse in his day, but he is retired from the show ring now. He is really amazingly trained, but has a few bad habits from being a lesson horse for so long. He was great tonight though.

Oh, I really shouldn't take riding lessons. It makes me want things I shouldn't want. Like $50K show horses. Yup. For about ten seconds. Then I come home to my cute kids (whining and all) and realize that even though I REALLY love to ride, I've made the right choices. An hour a week is good for now. *SIGH* Anyway, I had a lot of fun tonight. It was a really good break for me. I was worried I had forgotten everything in the three months off, but I remembered, and, if anything did better than before. My lesson horse had a nice long rest too, and was much better than he was in December. I was having all kinds of problems with him running away at a canter and spooking at shadows before, but he was good as gold tonight. It made me feel a lot better because I was starting to think that it was something I was doing. We had perfect cantering and transitions tonight, and I am ready for a really hard work out next week. I took my camera tonight with the hopes of getting a video of my riding, but there wasn't anyone there to use it. I asked a guy that was there to take a picture, but it isn't very good.
This is "April", my favorite horse in the barn. She is the "said" $50K show horse. Terie keeps trying to sell me her full brother, "Legs" (short for Legacy). It would be really fun to show a horse like that, but... Still, it makes me feel really good when Terie says stuff like "*#%@! I love your leg"(Translation: "You have really good riding position at a trot.") What do you say to something like that? "Um, thanks?" I was just happy to be "in the saddle" again.

A Year with Frog and Toad

My sweet neighbor gave me two tickets to go to a play last night, and to be honest, I almost didn't go. I had a really long busy day, and I was tired, grumpy, and had a headache. But Mason was really excited to go, and I already had a babysitter lined up, so we went. It was AWESOME! The play was called, "A Year with Frog and Toad", based on the children's books "Frog and Toad", which Mason loves. It was a musical, which I was not expecting. The actors were sensational! I really loved it. Mason was completely captivated. This was his first play ever. He was laughing out loud and smiling the entire play. He was sad when it was over. This was not what I was expecting. I was thinking he would be like, "Mom, is it almost over..." Nope. I think I liked it at least as much as he did.

My favorite part was a song called "Cookies". It's exactly how I feel when I make cookies. I just have to give them away or I will eat the whole batch. Here are some of the lyrics: (There is also this video on youtube, but I think it's from a high school production. The one we saw was MUCH better.)

Both:These cookies are nice!Eating cookies, eating cookiesWe’re so happy eating cookies!Cookies, cookies, cookies we adore! Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies We go kooky eating cookies!
Frog:Maybe we should stop.
Toad:Let’s have more!
Frog (spoken):Toad, we must stop eating these cookies. I know! Get me a box and some string!Toad:Eating cookies, eating cookies I’m so happy eating cookies! Cookies, cookies, cookies I adore!Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookiesI go kooky eating cookies!
Frog:Maybe you should stop.
Toad:Just one more!Frog (spoken):Now I will put these cookies in the box and tie it up with the string. Then we shall no more cookies!
Toad (spoken):What an excellent plan. However,(sung)there is a problem with the plan.
Frog (spoken):What plan?
Toad:The no more eating cookies plan.
Frog (spoken):What is it?
Toad:The problem with the plan
Frog:The no more eating cookies plan
Toad:Is if we want to eat more cookies, then, in fact, we can! We could untie the string and open it
Frog:That’s true
Toad (spoken):How ‘bout a cookie?
Frog (spoken):Don’t mind if I do!
Both:Eating cookies, eating cookies We’re so happy eating cookies! Cookies, cookies, cookies we adore! Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies We go kooky eating cookies!
Frog:Maybe we should stop.
Toad:Let’s have more!
Frog (spoken):Toad, we have to do something!
Toad (spoken):You’re right! I’ll get us some MILK!
Frog (spoken):No! No! No! We must stop eating the cookies! I know, we’ll give them to the birds. Hey, birds!!

There was also this really funny snail that delivered the mail, and the actors that played the other animals were great. It was a really fun production. If you ever have a chance to go I strongly recommend taking it.

Here is Mason with his Frog and Toad toys he got for Christmas. Why don't I take them to stuff like this more often?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The missionaries came over again tonight to teach some of my activity days girls about the church. Their families aren't interested at all, but don't mind if the girls learn about it. So the girls wanted to have the discussions at my house with their peers. The missionaries come over once a week to teach them a lesson. The girls are sisters 9, and 8, and their 10 year old friend comes too. (And their little sister comes to play with Mason and Ellorie during the lessons). The oldest was baptised three weeks ago, and so she really helps teach the other two. Here is a picture from her baptism. I was the only one with a camera, so I gave her the pictures, and I made her this little frame with a card. She is so strong to come to church every week without her family. I'm glad I've had a chance to get to know these girls. They are really good examples to me.
These super elders were transfered a few weeks ago, but the new ones are great too.
Little frame I made for Karlee.
We had an awesome lesson tonight. We could really feel the spirit when the missionaries taught. These girls are so young, and yet they really understand what they are reading and learning. They have such serious minds for their ages. The missionaries taught about baptism tonight and explained why it was so important for the everyone to be baptised the right way by the right authority. They didn't really understand at first because they were baptised by sprinkling at totally different churches last year, but they are thinking about being baptised now, and are going to ask their mom about it this week. We are meeting with them again on Saturday. They are coming over tomorrow for activity days too. I'm really glad I've had a chance to get to know them and teach about the things in my life that bring me so much happiness. This is really the first time in my life I've had the opportunity to do missionary work, other than teaching in church and teaching my own children. I'm really enjoying it, and I can see how teaching people about the church can be so addictive.

Ellorie's Amazing Artwork

My little artist is at it again. Ellorie announced to me this afternoon that she was going to draw some Pokemon. She opened one of Mason's Pokemon books and sure enough, started drawing Pokemon while I was cleaning the kitchen. Some of them were quite scribbley, but I absolutely was blown away by this one. She drew it all by herself! She is only four! Okay, I know I'm shamelessly bragging here, but just look at this picture! I'm glad I took a photo of it, because after this she colored the entire thing in with the black marker. I guess all artists need to learn when a picture is finished... She makes me so happy. Such a sweet little girl.

I'm serious! Just look at this! (okay, I'm done now)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you all have a lovely St. Patty's Day. We don't drink, and we're not Irish, so actually there is very little traditionally about the holiday we celebrate, but Mason wore a green t-shirt to school today, and I will probably make something green for dinner- Just for fun. I've made corned beef and cabbage for the 17th before, but Brandon won't be home and it truly doesn't sound that great to me right now. I'm thinking along the lines of spinach pasta and veggies... We'll see. Today is also my niece, Brooklyn's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN! She is three now. We had a little cake for her yesterday at our house and she opened our present to her. Saturday we went swimming with all the cousins at Green Canyon. It was a lot of fun, but my camera didn't get invited (as the pool is indoors and really humid). It was a pretty fun weekend for the kids.

Yeah, a Webkinz piggy! (We are a touch obsessed with Webkinz at the moment.)
Make a wish... Man those brownies "cake" were good. (see recipe below)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gyummy gyros

Tonight for dinner we made Greek Gyros (pronounced Euros). I found the Gyro meat at the deli yesterday and couldn’t resist. We love Gyros and haven’t had them for a long time. They were heavenly.
Here is my “recipe”:
1 package high quality wheat pita pockets
1 package Gyro meat (lamb), cooked according to package directions – grilled
Tomato, onion, and cucumber slices

Cucumber sauce:
Traditional Greek cucumber sauce
grate half of a large cucumber and squeeze out excess water, add:
2 cloves minced garlic,
1 ½ cups plain yogurt,
½ Tablespoon vinegar,
salt to taste.
Mix well and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving. Make the Gyros like a sandwich with the sauce, meat, tomato, onion, and cucumber. You can also use thee cucumber sauce as a dip.

Serve with Greek rice:
2 cups (1 can) chicken broth
2 Tb. Butter
1 teaspoon lemon juice
½ Tablespoon curry powder
Bring to a boil, then add 1 cup long grain white rice. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes.

It was a tasty and refreshing refreshing meal, and pretty easy to make too.

And for dessert we had what I like to call “Molten Lava Fudge Brownies”- Here is the recipe:

Mix together these dry ingredients in a 9X9X2 cake pan:
1 cup flour
¾ cup sugar
2 Tablespoons cocoa
2 teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt

Then add these ingredients to pan, and mix well:
½ cup milk, 2 Tablespoons canola oil, and 1 teaspoon vanilla

Spread mixture out evenly across pan, then sprinkle 1 cup brown sugar and
¼ cup cocoa powder
on top of mixture.
Then pour 1 ¾ cup HOT tap water over entire mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Serve with Cool Whip or vanilla ice cream. Really rich and yummy.

Easter Eggs

We are probably jumping the gun on this just a little bit, but we colored Easter eggs last night. The kids were really excited and have been begging me every day, so when their cousin, Brooklyn came over this weekend, I gave in. The first thing they did was spill the green dye all over the table, but then once the first big mess was out of the way things went pretty smoothly. We had a “tie-dye” kit that worked really well and kept the dye mess in a little plastic baggie. Great invention. Good thing our family likes hard boiled eggs. It will be egg-salad-sandwiches and deviled eggs for a week.

Ellorie loved dipping the eggs with a spoon. She loves to play with spoonfuls of water at the table almost every day, so that was to be expected. Most of her eggs were blue and pink with blue polka dots. Her favorite color is blue right now. (See "little words that make me smile" in the right column.)

The kids had to listen to the little tablets fizzing in the vinegar. They do the same thing with their Rice Krispies cereal at breakfast.

They were so pleased with their very own little cartons of eggs!

Happy Easter (Next week that is...)

Friday, March 14, 2008

One Little Word Challenge: "Find"

I just loved the puddle pictures so much, I had to scrapbook them...
Here is my layout for the OLW challenge- "Find":

Thursday, March 13, 2008

In like a lion?

This was my view out my front window this morning. It was a blizzard, with a solid inch on the ground already. I was hoping for spring, but I guess I'll have to be patient... It snowed most of the day. *SIGH* On a positive note, my riding lessons are starting again next week YEAH!! I've really missed them.

Monday, March 10, 2008

First signs of Spring (wishful thinking)

Today was springish. It actually broke the 40 degree mark and things were starting to melt. (FINALLY!) Mason and Ellorie noticed this lovely puddle in front of our house, and just couldn't resist. They had been out for approximately one minute when I looked out the window and saw them splashing like crazy in the irresistable puddle. They just can't wait for spring. And I have to say, I feel the same way. (Sans the freezing puddle splashing of course.)

Averie cracks up...

Averie was totally cracking up over this toy this morning. Ellorie was a bit over the top, but she had Averie laughing so hard, I just had to make another video clip. Nope, never a quiet moment around here. (And yes, Ellorie IS wearing her swimming suit for no apparent reason)
Press PLAY to watch...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update, and a fresh TAG

Hi all. I’ve been a bit negligent of the old blog this week. I’ve had a really nasty cold that just won’t let up. I’m feeling a little better now. I hate being sick. This winter has been a doosy for us. This week I’ve just been getting by with doing the bare minimum, taking care of the kids, and resting a lot. I read two books in my down time though. (Actually re-read.) I love the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer. If you haven’t read them…you should. And I think I’ve officially entered my once or twice annual obsessive reading phase. So if anyone knows of any great books, I’d love to hear about them. My reading obsession is usually followed closely by a creative obsession of some kind, so stay tuned. Maybe I’m almost ready to start painting again- it IS almost spring.
Anyway, I’ve been TAGGED, so here it is (if you click on the blue/brown words, there are hyperlinks too): FIVE TOP FIVES--

Tuscany, Florence, Venice, Rome, and… oh, did I mention Italy?
ooh, this is tough. I love salads with like thirty toppings. I would have to say: cilantro, dried cranberries, almonds, feta cheese, and hmmm.. I’ll go with red onions. Does the dressing count as a topping? My new favorite is Litehouse Feta Dill. It’s not exactly low-cal, but SOOO yummy.
1. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austin, quite possibly the most romantic book ever written.
2. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer (Yes, I’m lumping them together)
3. Sabriel, Liriel, Abhorsen series– Garth Nix , a little bit sci-fi out there, but awesome.
4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books 1-3, the 4th is stupid. (By Ann Brashares)
5. I really enjoy John Grisham books. Most of them at least. I'm also a Harry Potter nerd.
There are so many more. Only five?
1. Really cute comfy slip-ons that I can throw on as I run out the door. Must go with anything.
2. Anything-proof comfortable walking shoes for shopping and traveling3. Comfortable heels for church (I just bought these and they are surprisingly comfy.)
4. Slippers – I love my Oobees. can you tell the theme is comfort here?
5. Do I need anything else? Running shoes must be Adidas. Snow boots are appropriate for Idaho. Let’s go with really cute snow boots. Okay, that's more than five.

1. riding horses
2. scrapbooking
3. painting
4. reading
5. blogging (of course…)

1. Sandi
2. Shannon
3. Sharon
4. Alyssa
5. Kelsey ( I know you don’t blog, but just post it in my comments…)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Creative Eating

Averie has been experimenting with fun new ways to spice up meal time. She does this wierd sniffing thing after each bite, and loves to stick out her tongue to lick up anything she may have missed. It takes forever for her to finish a meal. These videos were both taken yesterday, one was at breakfast, and the other at dinner.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


My brother, Shane got married yesterday! It was a very big, fun, beautiful day. I took so many pictures, but after I looked at them I realized most of them are of my kids. I guess you can tell I'm a mom. Well, they were just so cute I couldn't help it. So Here is my little slide show. Sorry I didn't get more of you in... I just had so much fun talking to everyone.

This was SUCH a beautiful wedding! The colors were so perfect. I think the wedding cake was the most amazing I've ever seen. There was fun dancing during the reception. The kids LOVED it. Here are videos of them dancing. Ellorie with Papa, and Mason flying solo...