"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving Eve at my Mom's house. Everyone is here. Love it! Kelsey had a painting craft for the kids and their cute cousins. Then we ate delicious appetizers and played board games into the wee hours of the morn...Perfect.

Ellie and her cute cousin had a sleepover. Aren't they precious!?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Helper

This morning I was doing dishes and Averie (now 18 months old) toddles into the kitchen. She notes the mess on the floor where her older brother and sister had dropped food from the counter where they ate breakfast. "Yucky", she says. Then this 18 month old goes to the pantry and gets out the broom. My first instinct is to take it away from her and put it back, but I don't. I just continue to observe. Next she proceeds to SWEEP THE FLOOR, collecting all the fallen food into a little pile. "Yucky", she says again. I help her finish the job and put the food into the garbage. She is very pleased with herself and keeps saying, "GUH GRL" (good girl).

I think I may have a cleaner on my hands. I couldn't be more excited.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cowgirl Averie

Press Play to Watch

Girl's Night Out

Friday we had our regular "girl's night out" and went to Sub Zero Ice Cream and to the movie Twilight.  Not a lot of our group could make it, but we had a super time.  I had never been to Sub Zero.  What a cool place!  It's like a space-age Cold Stone.  The kind worker let me snap a few pictures:

You choose the base for your ice cream, the flavor, the mix-in and then they freeze and mix it for you right there with liquid nitrogen.  Very cool.  I had premium cream with amaretto flavor and maraschino cherries.  So delicious.  

Then those of us that pre-bought our movie tickets headed over to the theatre.  
I'm still forming my opinion of the movie.  I think I had unrealistic expectations, but the quality of acting and filming left something to be desired (especially the goofy special effects).  Some people are going to outright hate this flick.  I liked it and want to see it again when it comes out on video, but I don't know that I would highly recommend it.  Still, we had a fantastic time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Amazing Pastel Installation

If you are interested in seeing a fantastic pastel artist at work, you should check out this lady.  She recently finished the largest pastel installation ever.  The process is amazing.  These are the same pastels I use for my paintings.  (But not at this scale!)  I'm always excited to see successful pastel artists at work.  Wish I could see it in person.

How to Get Rid of Halloween Candy in an Un-Sticky Fashion:

Once or twice a day, usually after art time, sometimes for more urgent reasons, my girls have a bath with one of the dum-dums from the Halloween stash.  It is the highlight of their day.  I usually have to drag them out kicking and screaming after the water has reached frigid temperatures.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coolest Soap Ever

Okay, so I know these looks disgusting, but hold on just one minute before you cast your judgements on my fantastic new find.  Just imagine that you have a four year old (girl in my case) that LOVES insects of every kind, LOVES baths, but does NOT love to use soap.  Then imagine giving "said" child a really cool, highest quality, fantastic smelling, handmade soap, that just happens to look like a grasshopper on a little doodie.  Blissful happiness ensues.  By the way, they also come in really pretty cupcakes, cake slices, and very realistic looking ice cream cones.  The bugs just appeal more to my crowd.

I happened upon these today at my favorite baby boutique.  I love this store.  I have to be careful not to go there too often because I have a difficult time restraining myself.  And I don't even have a little one right now.  The website doesn't do it justice, because none of the consignment stuff is there.  If you have never been there, and you just happen to be on 17th in Idaho Falls, it's a must see.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Tell Ellorie!

I made this today.  I didn't have a pattern, so it has a few technical problems up close...   Ellorie is really into zebras right now, so this is for her for Christmas.  It's made out of that super soft minkie type fabric, and just begs to be snuggled with.  I'm so excited to give it to her.  I hope I can wait.  
It's hard to resist posting all of my Christmas projects, but this one I just had to share.  

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been "heart attacked"...

Yesterday we came home from church and Mason disappeared for a little while.  I made dinner and then went in my bedroom to find my bed carefully made and a heart on my pillow.  What?  Who could have done this? 
 Next I went into the girls' room to find Averie's bed carefully made and another heart.  Then I found the culprit.  He was sweeping my front porch and in the process of attaching another heart.  Such a cute boy and a good helper.  (I'm sure this little activity was motivated by his great primary teacher, but I'm not complaining.)  

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fire Station Field Trip

Ellorie's pre school went on a field trip to the fire station today.  Averie and I tagged along.  The kids were seriously impressed by the big fire engines and flashing lights.  The volunteer fire fighter that gave us the tour was very friendly and nice to the kids.  I'm so appreciative of the brave volunteers that give so much of their time to keep people safe.  It's a huge sacrifice for not a lot of pay.  I think it's so great that the kids get to go to the stations and learn about the job of a firefighter.  

At the end, the kids each got a bag of goodies.  Averie's favorite part.  Now that she has experienced Halloween first hand she is no stranger to candy.  In went the sucker, post haste.

What a great field trip!  Thank you to all those volunteer fire fighters out there!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Incredible Growing Lizards- No, really!

My mom sent Mason a great birthday package last week, and one of the items was a small plastic lizard, about 5 inches long, that claimed to "grow in water".  One for Ellorie too.  Yeah, yeah, we've had these things before.  They sit in the cup of water for a couple of days and maybe grow a few inches and then fall apart in the water.  Not this time.  These are the little lizards after only two days in the tub:

They are supposed to continue to grow for up to five days.  I'm going to need a pool to transfer these babies into.  They are HUGE!  Ellorie now begs to have a bath about every hour and a half. 


Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Tag- High School

2.WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? a white 1988 Volvo sedan
3. DID YOU PASS YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE TEST YOUR FIRST TRY? Yes.  In torrential rain with a foot of water on State Street.  Seriously.
4. WERE YOU A PARTY ANIMAL? Like birthday parties?  or...  No.
5. WERE YOU CONSIDERED A FLIRT? Depends on who you ask.
7. WERE YOU A NERD? Maybe an art geek.  Yes.  A total over-achiever.
8. WERE YOU ON ANY VARSITY TEAMS? Cross Country and Track (hurdles)
9. DID YOU EVER GET SUSPENDED/EXPELLED? No, (like Debbie)...I was devastated if I was even late for class
10. CAN YOU STILL SING THE FIGHT SONG? I probably could if you get me started...
11. WHO WERE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHERS? My AP Biology teacher- Mr. Revelli, my art teacher- Mr. Lainey, My Junior year math teacher- can't remember her name, but I HATED math and loved her class.  What was her name? Greer.
12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? Front row of tables, end closest to the center of the lunch room, third table from the window.  Every day.
13. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S FULL NAME? Mountain View High School
14. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S MASCOT AND COLORS? Go Bruins!  (that's a bear) Cardinal, White, and Gold (that's red, white, and yellow)
15. DID YOU GO TO HOMECOMING AND WITH WHO? I can't remember.  Our school had dances like every month so I lost track.  I'm not sure if I actually ever went to the homecoming dance.  
16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? Ugh.  No way.  The school part wasn't too bad, but that was a hard time of my life.  I certainly would have changed a few things if I had to go back though.  (wouldn't we all!)
17. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? I remember lining up in the hallway underground in the Mariott center and all the teachers lined up to congratulate us.  There were SO many people there.  It was LOOOONG.
19. WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? National Honor Society, I think I went to some others irregularly, but they must not have been very impressionable.  I don't remember.
20. HAVE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT SINCE THEN?  Some.  I used to run about 40 to 50 miles a week, so I definitely look different after having three kids.
21. WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE?  Jason Judd, poor guy.  I was almost an hour late for prom because I competed in a 65 mile horse race in Cedar City earlier that day.  Talk about over-booking.  I remember being really really tired at prom.
22. ARE YOU PLANNING ON GOING TO YOUR 10 YEAR REUNION?  Nope.  I missed it.  I was in the middle of moving.
23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL?  Art teacher at Hermitage School of Art.  Like twice a week. 
I tag:  Laura, Tessa, Shatzi

A 3-Column Blog Template

If you have noticed, a while ago I added a third column to my blog. I love having the extra space. It's really easy to do if you want to give it a try, and if you aren't too scared of html code. Here is the link to the site that gives easy step-by-step directions.

It worked really well for me. I've been so happy to have that extra space. It also shows you how to make the center column wider if you just want a little more room in the middle. I should really take a computer class sometime and learn how to read/write code, but this works for now. Let me know if it works for you. Good Luck!

Scrapbook Retreat

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy 7th Mason!

It was my boy's birthday today.  Seven years.  I can't believe it.  We really celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, but uncle Chad and aunt Hilary brought pizza, and we had a little cake and ice cream and opened a few presents.  I've been gone this weekend to a scrapbook retreat, so I've been absent from the blogging world.  Tomorrow I hope to post my pages.  Brandon did a great job holding down the fort while I was gone.  (Thanks honey!)  With maybe one exception, which he was so kind as to record on film for me...  This morning when Averie was getting dressed, she escaped mid dressing...  Her arms weren't out yet, but she took off running.  Kind of funny. 

 And then there is this photograph, which leaves much to be explained:  
Honey, WHAT is my baby wearing?  I can't complain though.  The house was clean, my children were safe and happy, and they must have had fun because I don't think they really missed me too much.  I missed them!  It's hard for me to leave them for a couple days.  Oh, so fun though.  I got so much done without the little darlings...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Girl's Birthday Luncheon

Ellorie's dear friend had a birthday today, and so we went to lunch with her friends Bria and Izzy, and the moms.  We even got a sitter for Averie, so it was just me and Ellorie in the car.  We don't get one-on-one time very often, so it was lots of fun.  We went to a pizza/pasta/salad buffet.  It was soooo yummy.  They ordered a Monster Cookie with all these ice cream and toppings on top.  Tasty!

Afterwards we ran some errands and Ellorie got an orange helium balloon, which popped in the grocery store and caused her great sadness.  But we did stop on the side of the road to pet the cutest puppies I've ever seen.  Good thing I didn't have an extra $500 bucks in my pocket.  (I REALLY don't need a puppy, but SO cute.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mason's Pokemon Party!

Mason had a super fun Pokemon birthday party today (not his real birthday yet).  It was a really fun theme for a party.  When the boys first arrived they made name tags and painted "pokeballs":(note to self: acrylic for 6 turning 7 year olds in my kitchen NOT the best idea.  I'm missing my art studio...)

Then we played some great games like "pin the tail on the Pikachu."

Also:  Bulbasaur Stomp (pop all the balloon to find the missing Pokemon), "Ash" freeze tag, Pokemon hunter hide and seek, find the missing Pokemon, and Psyduck, Psyduck, Piplup (duck, duck, goose).  We didn't have time for all the games, but I was prepared with lots of extras.  The freeze tag was the favorite.  After the games we opened presents, and had Poke ball cupcakes and ice cream:
Here's all the boys (plus Ellorie).  Such a fun group!  We had a blast.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mission Accomplished...

It's amazing how productive I am when I want to be... Okay, haven't finished everything on my list yet, (ie my paintings...)  but almost.  Whew.  


So yesterday I had a million things to do.  Some of the things on my list:

Do the dishes
Clean the kitchen
Mop the floor
Make bread
Plan meals
Buy groceries
Clean out the car
Make some phone calls
Pay some bills
Plan Mason's birthday party
Plan games
Make party favors
Clean the house
Organize my craft stuff
Finish the two paintings that have been staring at me for a week and a half.  
And a few other things

Well, guess what.  I didn't do ANY of those things.  Instead I:
1.  Took care of my children. (You know, fed, clothed, kissed owies, put down for naps, etc..)
2.  Obsessively sewed a stuffed animal monkey and cat.  All day.  From 7am to 9pm.  

Sometimes I just can't help myself.  Sharon brought over her daughter with this monkey she designed, and I just had to make one.  Hers was WAY cuter, but I still like mine.  So does Averie.  She walks around the house giving it hugs and kisses.  So worth it.  Okay, but now I REALLY have to do all those things I didn't do yesterday, plus VOTE and a few other things, so gotta run!!