"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation

I officially deem Thanksgiving the hardest holiday to blog.  I never have good pictures because I'm too busy talking and playing...  We had a great time and saw lots and lots of friends and family.  We should have stopped to see more, but it was such a rushed trip.  

Here were some of the highlights:

-Playing board games with my mom and brothers and sisters (Even though Caden and Nat are CHEEEEAAATERS!!)
-Going through my mom's baby books with her and seeing all the cute pictures.
-Eating the most amazing appetizers and goodies until I was sick.
-Watching my kids play with their cute cousins and paint with Aunt Kelsey
-Mom's buttermilk pie.  And blackberry peach.  And pumpkin.  And lemon meringue.
- Grandma Sherma's mashed potatoes and gravy.  And orange rolls.  mmmmm.  
-Talking, laughing, and playing with family!
-Swimming with the kids
-Black Friday shopping at 3:45 am with my father-in-law!
-Black Friday shopping at a more reasonable hour with Sharee and Patrecia.
-Sweet, sweet deals from Black Friday shopping.
-JCW's shakes
-Seeing Kelsey's new condo.  Gorgeous!
-Springville Museum Spiritual and Religious show with Kels.  Awesome show!  Go if you can.  I would go every week if we lived closer...
-Zubs cheese sticks and dip.  
-Visiting Grandpa Vaughn and Grandma Joyce!  Wish we could see you more often.
-Watching Averie and Ellorie play with cat, "Sugar", with squeals of delight.
-Some early Christmas gifts, including a GORGEOUS handmade quilt for my bed.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)
-Dinner with Shawn and Karen.
-Playing Guitar Hero 3 with Brady.  You have some MAD, MAD skills!
-Having perfect weather for Thanksgiving weekend!

And the not-so-high-lights:

-Not being able to spent more time with everyone.
-Missing the traditional Brie.  (this fantastic cheese thing my mom makes.  It makes my mouth salivate just thinking about it) We had to leave too soon...
-Loosing "Settlers of Catan" after a three hour struggle.  {You so deserved to win Carlee!}
-Wearing a swimming suit 3o minutes after gorging myself on Thanksgiving dinner.
-Packing all the stuff we bought/accumulated in the back of the already overpacked truck.
-Black Friday lines...  (still worth it!)
-Long drive with screaming Averie.  Could have been worse.

It was an awesome trip.  Sorry we didn't get to see everyone!  Hopefully soon...


Debbie Murdock said...

No worries about this weekend. After reading everything you did I'm exhausted :) Sounds like so much fun! My sister in law braved black friday in Logan...I backed out graciously using Macey as my excuse to sleep in...well sort of.

Dave and Shatzi said...

Wow! What a busy weekend! It sounds like you and the kids had a lot of fun!

Brittany said...

Sounds fun and busy. Sorry we didn't get to see you guys.