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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Geek

5 Ways to know you are (were) a theatre nerd/drama geek:

1.  You know ALL the words to three or more broadway plays and have been known to sing long stretches at the top of your lungs when alone in the car. (guilty)

2.  You have read (and possibly enjoyed) most of the better known Shakespearian plays.  You may have several of the monologues memorized.  (guilty)

3.  Your hero was your ultra-cool heavily-bearded drama teacher, and you hung out in his classroom with all the thespians before and after school because it was "the place to be".  (Ugh.  I plead the 5th.)

4.  Most of the boys you had crushes on as an adolescent wore tights on a regular basis.  (guilty)

5.  You have tried out for a musical, most likely singing "On my own" from Les Miserables, and were definitely NOT qualified to fill the part.  (so guilty, and so embarrassed)

I found this little gem by mistake today, and was laughing so hard there were tears streaming down my face.  Most of my current acquaintances (and probably most of my family members) don't know this about me, but in junior high-specifically 8th grade, I was a big-time theatre nerd.  It was a short-lived stage after I came to the harsh realization that It was NOT my calling in life.  (Thank heavens!) I just wanted to rub shoulders with all my truly talented classmates.  I was "that girl", you know, that one girl that auditioned for every single musical with a very sub-par rendition of something or other from Les Miserables, and the one that had major crushes on all the pimpley adolescent leading "men".  (snicker, snicker)  I usually landed roles like "chorus girl"  "stage hand" or "set painter".  Good times.  Anyway, I saw this clip and the memories came flooding back.  Just don't ask me for a performance. 


Dave and Shatzi said...

That's a funny video. I didn't know that you were so into theater. My sister was really into it in high school, but she liked to do all the back stage stuff. So, we pretty much went to see every play....I can really see the pull. There is just something about imagining yourself on stage singing and acting. I could never really do it, but I definitely wish I could. (btw - they found the primary posters. Can you believe it? I thought they were gone forever!)

Debbie Murdock said...

That's so awesome!!! I can't believe they didn't bust up laughing!! I knew I thought were awesome from when we first met at college and this confirms why. It's truly my dream to be in a broadway play I can totally relate with ya! Except reality always comes back with a harsh vegence letting me know their are hundreds of people out there better than me. BTW Phantom and Les Mis are going to be in SLC this year.

Sharon said...

holy cow, that clip was so funny, i almost peed my pants, i think i found my next talent show idea