"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Tag: Some Things...

Something I want to see:  Italy (all of it!), Greece, Crete, the Mediterranean in general.  How about a two month paint-a-thon?

Something that inspires me:  Beautiful things, nature, eclectic objects, reverent places, inspired people, courage in unexpected situations, museums and galleries, dedicated teachers, and life-long learners.  (that's WAY more than one thing...)

Something that makes me angry:  This! 

Something that hurts a little:  uh... paper cuts?  I don't know.  Physical pain is all relative after natural child birth. (HAHA)  How about "rejection".  That hurts a little.

Something I've gotten used to:  Cold Idaho Winters

Something I collect:  Cookie Cutters.  Art Supplies.  Food Storage.

Something I always carry with me:  Debit card.  Cell Phone.  A spare diaper or two.  

Something I want to be:  A better person, A better Mom and Wife, An artist.  An equestrian, A gardener, A beekeeper (seriously! Someday.)

Something I dread:  The dentist.  (Not GOING to the dentist per se, just paying for the dentist...)

Something that I have learned:  If I don't MAKE time for the things I want to do, there will never BE time for them.  

Something I read:  The Book of Mormon, Lots of children's books to the kids (currently Harry Potter), Novels (but only in obsessive bursts), non-fiction from the library that tickles my fancy (this time I checked out books on beekeeping and raising chickens.  Weird, I know.), lots and lots of blogs...

Something I  want to understand:  HTML code

Someone I'm going to tag:  Anyone caught reading this (Yes, that means YOU!)

[directions:  copy and paste this into your text window, then erase my answers and add your own.]


Hilarie* said...

That is a fun Tag... I'll do mine when I get some more time tomarrow. I love the new picts on the side! What did you use to add the cute decorative frames on them?

Dave and Shatzi said...

Tags are fun. They help me write about things I probably wouldn't take the time for. My grandpa was a beekeeper. When I was little, he would bring home lots of honey and almost always had a bee sting or two. I never could figure out why he thought they didn't hurt!