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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook Tag

I was tagged a bunch of times to do this on Facebook, but I thought since I spent the time typing this huge thing, I might as well post it to my blog at least for you non-facebook readers.

25 Random things about Brittany:

1. I'm obsessive (maybe passionate would be a kinder word). About everything I do. All or nothing.

2. I love living in Idaho, even though the winter is freezing. I actually prefer the cold to the extreme heat. I could never live in Florida or Arizona.

3. In high school I ran cross country and track (high hurdles), I lettered in both.

4. I competed in endurance riding, (long distance horse races) for 8 summers in a row. I've ridden thousands of miles on a horse. Most of my races were 50-60 miles long. I won a few races and even got best condition once, despite my huge weight disadvantage. (Heavier riders get more points). I did one race after I was married, but now, alas, I have no horse... Maybe when the kids are older.

5. Along those lines, I love horses and always have, as long as I can remember. (refer to #1) I took English riding lessons for the past year and a half and learned Sport Hack and Dressage, two forms of competition in the Arabian show horse arena. But it's too expensive, time consuming, and life-consuming for me at this point. Maybe again someday (I was getting pretty good).

6. I am a college graduate. I went to Ricks college (now BYUI) for two years and earned an Associates Degree, emphasis: Fine Art, then I went to UVSC (now UVU) for one year and earned a receptionist certificate. Then I went to BYU for three years and earned a Bachelors Degree in Art and Art Education, with a certification to teach K-12 in the public schools. Sometime I wish I would have gone for the BFA so I could continue and get an MFA. I love school, and while I don't miss the homework and tests, sometimes I miss the learning environment. (specifically the art critiques...)

7. I am an aspiring artist. I say aspiring because I still have a LONG way to go to be where I would like to be. I continue to work hard at it though. My current goal is to paint a little every day, and to finish at least one painting every week. (My art blog: www.brittanylaneartwork.blogspot.com)

8. I taught art for about nine years. Before I quit I had 50 students every week coming to my house for small group lessons. I loved it, but burned myself out. I don't think I'll do it again for a long long time.

9. I am really excited to have a huge garden this summer. I might even weed it!

10. I have a few random skills in lots of areas, none really mastered. I get really obsessed for a short time, then move on to something else. (Except art and horses. Those have been pretty constant.) I sew a little, scrapbook a little, cook a little, blog a little, craft a little, play the piano a little, do photography a little, do pottery/ceramics a little, read a little, write a little, dance a little, sing a little, cut hair a little, decorate a little, garden a little, attempt home improvement projects a little...

11. A few years ago my husband and I bought and completely remodeled a repo house. It was a ridiculous amount of work, but was totally worth it. The before and afters were unbelievable. It was a really good feeling to improve one little corner of the world...

12. I have an extreme tendency to be a video game junkie. (If I drank, I'm sure I wold be an alcoholic.) My all time favorite games are "Rock Band", "Oblivion", all the "Final Fantasies", and the old school "Dr. Mario" on the NES. I really try not to indulge myself too often anymore. I do have a Rock Band evening once a week with my 7 year old. He wails on the guitar, and I play the drums. Sometimes Ellorie (5) sings, but she isn't very good. Our band is called "Me and Ma". Brandon is really good at the guitar too. (THAT band is called "James Eats Boogers", James is my nephew.)

13. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (a Mormon.) I love the church and it's teachings with all of my heart. I absolutely couldn't imagine my life without it. My father died when I was 9 years old and if I hadn't already know at that age that my family was sealed together forever, I probably wouldn't have made it to where I am today. Life can be hard, but knowing what I know has made it a lot easier to handle...

14. I was married and sealed to my fantastic husband for time and eternity in the Mt. Timpanogos temple on August 14th, 1999. 9 1/2 years ago. And I love him even more now than I did then.

15. When I married my husband I had not idea whatsoever that he was handy. Really handy. Brandon is a CPA by trade, but he is also a mechanic, a plumber, an electrician, a builder, a demolition man, a scholar, a computer genius, an engineer, a landscaper, a dry waller (pretty sure that's not a word), a carpenter, a roto-rooter, a roofer, a sprinkler system installer, a gardener, a lawn care specialist, and a fantastic dad. I'm sure I left some out.

16. I have three great kids and I LOVE being a mom. I really miss Mason when he is at school.

17. My favorite foods are sushi, vegetables, steak and shrimp. I'd rather have any of those than any kind of dessert. My weaknesses are buttery, salty things.

18. I don't like cake. Any kind of cake really. Twinkies are the grossest food ever created. I tried one again last year and almost gagged. I don't really like chocolate that much either. If it's there, I might eat some, but I really don't enjoy it. Except for my mom's/grandma's homemade chocolates. I could eat those all day. I do like sourish candy though. Gobstoppers and Sour Patch Kids.

19. I don't ride bicycles anymore. They actually scare me. I had a few bad wrecks, and the last time I wrecked I got a couple of scars and lost the feeling in my left kneecap, which never returned. I gave my old beat-up bike to DI and vowed to never ride again... Now it makes me nervous when my kids ride bikes.

20. One of my favorite, unexpected blessings in my life has been my great sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law. I love them like they were my own brothers and sisters and am so grateful they are in my life!

21. I'm really not very good at housekeeping, but I've gotten a lot better since I quit working. I actually sort of enjoy cleaning now. Especially the kitchen. I think that has something to do with having a new house. Now if I could get the rest of the family to enjoy it...

22. My favorite household chore is vacuuming (because that means the floors are clean enough TO vacuum), and my least favorite is cleaning the showers.

23. I really want a puppy.

24. My newest obsession is food storage/self-reliance I'm learning how to can and bottle and dry and preserve healthy food, cook with it, hopefully grow it... I haven't purchased bread since October. I make my own now. My family loves it, and it's so much healthier!

25. My husband is an accountant, and it's tax season, so he works about 70 hours a week, and we don't see him much. We really miss him. (Come quick April 15th!)

That took forever! Okay, I'm not going to tag anyone else, but if you haven't done this yet, I'd love to hear what you have to say...


Dave and Shatzi said...

These are so fun to read! On one blog I follow, she took her facebook 25 and turned it into 100 for her blog! How ambitious. I so with video games weren't so addicting.....I am no good, but can't seem to stop playing either....Half the time I have to call Dave in to beat the hard parts for me.

Heather said...

I love your list. I wish I didn't like cake and chocolate. It's fun to learn more about you and keep in touch through your blog@

Debbie Murdock said...

Awesome list! Ah, Dr. Mario...those were good times! You totally rock making bread since October!