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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mud and Ambition (Wouldn't that be a great Novel title?)

Today I was feeling a bit ambitious.  Its almost springish outside.  All the snow is melting, it's a little overcast, but quite warm.  I decide it is nice enough to take everyone on a walk, Rocket included.  I bundle up the girls and open up the garage.  Ellorie is holding Rocket on the leash and I am attempting to unfold the giant double stroller.  Averie toddles off the driveway and into the mud- UP TO HER KNEES!  She is screaming and sinking in the "quick mud", Ellorie is yelling because Rocket is really excited and keeps nipping at her, and is barking like mad.  "Maybe this wasn't a great idea", I think to myself.  We haven't even left the yard yet.  

So I wade through the mud to rescue Averie, who of course gets me all muddy with her flailing and kicking.  I tell Ellorie to hang on to Rocket so he doesn't chase the Kindergarden bus that is just driving down our street.  I wash, change, and console Averie.  I load the girls into the stroller (Ellorie sits on the back "bench" seat)  We are off again.  

Did I mention that I just started teaching Rocket to walk on a leash?  He is terrible at it.  Sometimes he is scared of it, and then other times he attacks it savagely.  He figures out in a hurry that the wheels run over him if he gets in the way, so that was a quick teacher of where to walk.  He also just stops and sits down a lot.  I've never had a dog that does this before.  He seems to be a quick learner though.  

He is doing remarkably well, but he keeps ATTACKING my pant leg, full teeth, snarling and all.  This will not do.  What have I adopted here???  We're working on the nipping thing, but I do not like this aggression.  I pick him up by the scruff of the neck and we have a little talk.  End of story.  Now he walks nicely beside the stroller.  

Things are going well.  We turn the corner down the street and see three of the neighborhood  kids running toward us with their three dogs, none of which are on leashes.  Rocket hasn't been around other dogs yet since we got him, and is quite scared.  The three dogs are quite friendly though.  They make their greetings and the kids and 2 dogs continue with us on our walk.  (One of the dogs went home.)  They did attempt to "gang rape" him a few times.  I have to keep kicking one of the dogs off of him.  So gross.  Poor Rocket.  He does love running with all the kids though, and he is getting very good at walking on the leash.

But all in all it was a successful outing.  We're going to try it again tomorrow, sans neighbor dogs though.  Wish me luck.


jess said...

Hilarious. I can't stop laughing... it made my day. Better luck next time. oh kids and dogs.. does it get any better???

Bryce and Sharee said...

That is so hilarious! I can't believe there is so much mud--up to the knees! Quite an entertaining story; I loved it!

Heather said...

You are brave! I would have given up after the first mud incident. Better luck tomorrow!

Melissa said...

What no mud pictures of Averie?! You are a determined woman - I am fairly certain that I would have given up after rescuing Averie. Good times!