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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wedding Festivities

Thursday my baby sister Kelsey (a.k.a. Lissa Loo)  was married in the Salt Lake Temple!  I bawled and bawled.  It was the most beautiful ceremony.  I can't believe how fast time goes by.  I still think of her as little.  Sometimes I call my girls "Kelsey" on accident.  I remember her being younger than Averie, so it scares me just a little bit to think of my own girls being old enough to get married in the blink of an eye.  

Brandon couldn't come in the middle of the week during tax season, but I REALLY missed him.  It was a big job to do all the wedding stuff with my three cuties sans husband.  I didn't get nearly the quantity or quality of pictures as I would have liked, but what can you do?  I'm not going to say it wasn't stressful, but it WAS totally worth it, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  

Here are some shots of the kids "waiting".  (Thank you SOOOOOO much Shane and Carlee for all your help!!)

And here is the grand entrance, and shots of the family.  Clockwise from the top:  My brothers Shane and Caden, Tiny me and my tall siblings; Grandma Sherma, My Mom, and I;  Kels and Ellie;  the happy couple;  Aleisha, Natalie, myself, Carlee;  I am wearing 4 inch heels by the way...

And the reception:
(I just had to include this big cheesy smile at the end...  Kelsey is going to kill me, but she was so happy and smiley.  You just can't fake that kind of happiness...  I love it!)
Notice there are very few pictures of my children.  Where were they you ask?  Good question.  Averie was running out of the building and into the street repeatedly, so I was chasing her in heels repeatedly, Ellorie and Mason were gorging on candy and cake, dancing, and enjoying their cousins they hardly ever get to see, and I was desperately trying to keep track of the three of them.  I loved watching the dancing and the "toast and roast".  Here are the kids dancing a little bit:

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to all of you more.  I left there a little sad that I didn't get to visit more.  I love all of you and I was so glad I got to at least see everyone.  I need to come down for a week just to visit with everyone.  

What a beautiful day and a beautiful event.  I'm so happy for you Kelsey and Kris!  Congratulations!  We love you!!


Bryce and Sharee said...

Kelsey looks so beautiful! I love her dress...and you look really great in the pictures too Britt. I sure wish I was able to visit you this weekend...hopefully some other time soon.

Debbie Murdock said...

They couldn't have picked a more beautiful day in Salt Lake to be married. It's so hard to accept that your younger siblings grow up when you'll always picture them as they were when they were growing up. Congrats to your Sis!

Dave and Shatzi said...

What a beautiful wedding. The girls dresses are GORGEOUS! I always do that with Bria and Max, too. If my sister or brother are in the same room as my kids, I can't keep ANYONE straight!

Shannon said...

What fun pictures, I loved all of them and everyone looks so beautiful! Looks like you had a very fun and eventful week and weekend. We missed you in Malad. I'll call ya soon!

kelsey alissa said...

hahahah yeah i look pretty cheesy in that picture, but what an amazing day. i was a total spaz in my toast, and forgot half of the people who are most important to me in the whole world, but hopefully everyone forgives me. thank you SOOOO much for coming down. i will never ever forget that wonderful day. muaaaah!