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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kindergarten Registration

I took my cute girls to the school today for Kindergarten registration (and pictures). Ellorie is so excited to be going to Kindergarten next year. She was positively beaming. She even mentioned in her prayers tonight that she was thankful that she could go to Kindergarten soon.(showing her treat for passing the registration "test". She went home and practiced writing all the letters and number over and over.)

It snowed and snowed and snowed all morning and into the afternoon. I love snow, but I've officially had enough now. Yup, go ahead and come spring... we're ready for you.

And on a completely unrelated note, this is how I found the girls yesterday:

They were "fishing" with Averie's fish puzzle pieces in a box they deemed their "boat". Very cute.

Think I need to get Averie to kick that bottle habit yet? Yeah. She'll be two in May. Mason and Ellorie wanted nothing to do with a bottle after they could use a sippy cup. Not Averie. She is totally dependent. I'm at a loss...


Brittany said...

Once I could give Braylee whole milk I just started giving it to her in a sippy..she didn't seem to care, but maybe she wasn't that attached...I don't know. That's cool that Ellorie is so excited for Kindergarten!

Dave and Shatzi said...

Bria is SO excited too! She talked about kindergarten ALL DAY yesterday. I thougth she would get it out of her system, but this morning, show woke up and immediately packed her backpack.

My friend Melissa registered at Harwood and she said they didn't give the kids anything. Even the assessment only took about a minute over there. Bria was gone long enough for me to nearly fill out the paperwork. I thought the book they gave the kids was really cute. We've read it about a hundred times already.

If Ellorie is ever up for playing "school", I have the perfect playmate for her!

Jenni said...

Very creative! They take after their Mom!