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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Silk Transfer "Tie"-dye Eggs

I saw this a while ago and was dying to try it.  It turned out so much better than I expected! 

First find some really nasty ties, the brighter, the better.  They must be 100% silk, and the thinner, cheaper silk seems to transfer better.  I got a few from the D.I. and some from Brandon's tie drawer.  Take them apart down to just the thin silk layer.  

Next get your raw eggs ready.  This is the worst part, but not as bad as I expected it to be.  Use a safety pin to poke a small hole in the top and bottom of each egg.  Make the hole you blow into really tiny, and the other one slightly bigger.  You'll figure it out pretty fast.  I also found that if I stick a paper clip inside to break the yolk first it's a bit easier.  It took me almost an hour to blow out 9 eggs.  (Are you surprised that we had omelets for dinner? )  I dropped one of them on accident and almost cried.  Not really, but I wasn't happy about it.  

Rinse off the eggs.  
Now cut off pieces of the silk that are big enough to wrap around the egg once with some on the ends.  Like a tootsie roll.  
I used tiny hair elastics to secure each end.  I started out tying them with string, but it was nearly impossible to get them tight enough.  Twisty ties didn't work as well either.  Make sure the silk is smooth and tight over the egg to get the best transfer.  Trim off the extra fabric.

Next wrap each "tootsie roll" in a piece of old sheet and secure it with another elastic.  
This layer doesn't need to be as precise, so I just secured it on one side, like a hershey's kiss.  (Can you tell I have candy on the brain?)  place the eggs in an old pan you aren't worried about staining, and cover the eggs with water.  Add some vinegar to the water.  I used about a quarter cup.  Maybe a little more.  The eggs will float, so put a small plate or pan on top of them to weigh them down into the water.  Bring them to a boil and let them simmer for 30 minutes.  Remove them, drain the water, unwrap, shake out the excess water, and set them out to dry.  So easy, and no mess!


Shannon said...

Thos look so awesome, Brittany! I love how they turned out, I have never even heard of doing that! Love all the pictures, looks like you are enjoying your weekend!

Sally said...

So pretty! I think it's funny you say it's easy - that stuff is hard for me!

Bryce and Sharee said...

there so beautiful, britt! i had never heard of doing that, but it sounds fun. i thought it was funny that you found some winners in brandon's drawer. from what i remember he had quite a few very interesting ties from the mission.

Brittany said...

Yeah I love how Brandon had some "nasty" ties. Those eggs are really pretty. I wouldn't have the patients to do it.

Dave and Shatzi said...

Those turned out SO COOL!! Way to go! We still haven't even dyed our eggs yet. It's not too late if we do it for FHE is it?

kelsey alissa said...

you're amazing. come move to springville and teach me how to be artsy. i miss you.