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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Averie Turns TWO!

Wow!  We had a very full day of birthday celebrations for little Averie.  She awoke early this morning and was so excited to play with her birthday balloons.  She was still a little sleepy, so she was laying down on our bed at the same time.  About the only smiles we got on film today though.  She was happy enough, she just doesn't like to smile for cameras.  She LOVED all the birthday attention.  We sang happy birthday to her a LOT today.  She was singing it to herself quite a bit too.  She had a much happier birthday than last year...

Birthday Balloons:
Birthday Breakfast-  Pancakes and scrambled eggs, by request:

We went to the zoo for her birthday celebration with family.  Jason, Melissa and Co.  joined us.  The kids had an awesome time.  Averie is finally old enough to enjoy it.  Her favorite by far was the children's petting zoo.  They petted and brushed those goats for a long time.  I think they would have stayed there all day.  Averie was fearless.
This little guy was hilarious.  He was a little alpaca that had just been shaved.  He was buck-toothed and just stood there staring at you.  Funny, and a little bit creepy...

Ellorie's favorite was no surprise:
Mason's favorite was the penguin exhibit:
...and looking at and attempting to follow the maps of the zoo.  I swear they had more fun figuring out the map than actually looking at the animals.
  The sea otter exhibit was really cool.  They kept coming right up to the glass and turning around under the water.  Averie loved it.
And these were some of my favorite pictures of the day:  
(Notice that both Averie and the monkey have their finger in the mouth and have the same  blank expression...  I wonder who did it first.)

After the zoo we were all pretty tired.  We came home for a little rest and then had a small party with presents and cake/ice cream.  Averie was a big fan of opening presents this year.  (And she had a lot of helpers..)

Here is Averie's cake.  She wanted "Mittens" the kitten from her favorite book.  Not too great on my part.  I got the wrong kind of frosting and, well, struggled.  Oh well, it tasted great anyway.  Averie loved it and that's what matters.  She even figured out how to blow out the candle with a little help.  It was so cute.

She is such a sweet girl and is getting so big.  I can't believe she's two!  Happy Birthday Averie!! 


Sally said...

Cute Cake! Looks like fun. I like your new picture of the flip flops.

Dave and Shatzi said...

What a fun day! I bet Averie loved all the attention. The cake is adorable! Happy Birthday AVERIE!!!

Sharon said...

sounds like you had an awesome day! holy cow, i can't believe how big she is now, when we first met she was just a baby.... she's a keeper!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Averie! She is so cute and looks like she had so much fun. The cake is so adorable. Cute background also.

Brooklyn said...

Love the video. Poneee, poneee...too cute!

Anna said...

Figuring out who put their finger in their mouth first is like the chicken/egg dilemma: It will always remain a mystery! What a fun b-day and great pics.