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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A House

Memorial Day Monday we took advantage of the day and constructed Rocket's dog house.  And by "we" I mean Brandon.  

(Okay, I helped, but I'm not that useful with all the distractions and interruptions from children and such.  Averie was downright mean at the end.  "STAY INSIDE!"  "NO, DON'T HELP DADDY!!"  She has been quite possessive and bossy with her mother lately.  We'll see how she does while I'm in Hawaii next week...  I'm a little worried.)

Anyway, Brandon found these cool plans for a fully insulated dog house and we purchased the materials on Saturday.  He had to design it as he went, however, because the plan had no additional measurements beyond height and width, and we changed those anyway.  I'm no number cruncher, so I was very little help here.  Also, we don't have a table saw, so Mr. Handyman made all those cuts with a skill saw!  I helped out there as a glorified paper-weight.  It was an all day project, but hopefully was worth it.  

It has a fully-hinged lid so we can access the inside easier.  You can see the edges of the insulation here:

Rocket was a little wary at first.  Ellorie crawled in and coaxed him inside.  We put all his blankets and toys in too.  Once he figured out that it was not dangerous, he was really excited.  He was wagging his little stubby tail and running in and out of it.  I wasn't sure he was going to like it enough to actually go in there by himself...
But we think he approves

Now all we need to do is build a door and paint it.  And if Rocket decides he doesn't like it, I think we can find some "renters".  Ellorie was a little disappointed that it wasn't for her.  They had already moved in all their toys and everything.  


Brooklyn said...

Little Rocket livin the high life! I love the one of him sleeping. Too cute!

Sally said...

I love the picture of the girls in there with their toys. So cute!

Shannon said...

What an awesome house for Rocket. I bet he will love it!