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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home and Hawaii Pictures

I'm finally home blog babies! I took an excessive amount of pictures, but made just some of them into collages. It would just take too long otherwise. Hawaii was gorgeous and fantastic. Brandon and the kids did great at home. (Minus one small bout of stomach flu.) It was an awesome vacation, but I'm really happy to be home. I'm still adjusting to the time change and have been sleeping a lot today. It might take me a little time to get back to "normal". Totally worth it though. Here are some of the highlights:

Here are the girls I spent all my fantastic Hawaii time with: Jessica and Brooke

And my "couch" mates, Chili and Brooke:
There are so many beautiful flowers and plants everywhere! Many of them look plastic or fake. So many plants I've never seen anywhere before. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.

We went to the Dole Pineapple plantation for a fresh "Dole whip", mine was a pineapple float. So delicious! It was a cool place. Aren't the baby pineapples cuties?!
We spent a day at the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center). Very very amazing. Here are our Fiji "tattoos". (Don't worry mama, they aren't real...)

Sea Life Park. Amazing. Here are some of the marine animals...
And, of course, the dolphins. My friend Brooke, that I went to Hawaii with, was a dolphin trainer here, so she hooked us up to give the dolphins lots of loves. These guys are so intelligent and well trained. It's phenomenal. They have the world's only wolphin (wall-fin), half dolphin, half whale. That's her in the bottom left corner. What an amazing experience. I loved how her dolphins totally remembered her even though she has been gone for over a year. They are so cute!
We went on a hike one day up to this lighthouse. The view was stunning. Everything is so gorgeous on Oahu.

Some of the stunning beaches: I was amazed that they were all so different from each other. There would be one with gigantic crashing waves and then right up the shore was one that was calm and shallow out for yards and yards. The variety was surprising. I didn't get very many paintings done. I was just too busy enjoying everything. The ones I did finish were not stellar. The colors and plants and bright vegetation took some getting used to. Oh well.

It was an amazing time. It's still a bit surreal for me. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place and to have the time to relax and regroup. I have to excessively thank my wonderful husband. Brandon not only took care of the kids, but cleaned the house, cleaned out the garage, took care of the yard, did home improvement projects, etc, etc, etc,. He's a better mom than I am! I owe him big time. Also thank you Sharon for helping out! You're awesome!

Now it's back to real life. I'm actually happy to get back to it.


Sharon said...

hurray, it looks awesome! i'll have to go somedayi love all the colors, it looks so pretty. sweet tat too!

Bryce and Sharee said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had fantastic weather while you were there. I would love to go someday. Bryce and I went to a pineapple plantation while we were in Jamaica and we really enjoyed it too...so delicious!

Anna said...

You deserved a relaxing vacation in paradise. What beautiful pictures!!! But, I'm sure that getting back to your life and family has been a breath of fresh air. I bet that you were deeply missed by three sweet kids and a grateful husband.

Melissa said...

Wow Brittany! Your collages look like travel brochures advertising Hawaii's best! Very alluring! Everything looks beautiful. I am glad you had a fantastic time!

Jenni said...

Great pictures! It looks beautiful and sounds like you had a lot of fun. Lucky girl!

Debbie Murdock said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! It was weird not seeing your posts as frequent. All those pictures brought back a flood of memories. The Polynesian Culture Center is the BEST!!! And the temple grounds around the back...well I just felt like I was in the Garden of Eden. Glad you're back safe!

Melissa said...

I LOVE all of you pictures! They are amazing!

Shannon said...

What fun pictures, loved them all and it looks like you had such a great time! Glad to have ya back. Call me this week sometime!