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Sunday, June 21, 2009

River Rocks Art Festival

Sorry for the absence... This week has been the River Rocks Art Festival in Idaho Falls. I signed up months ago, but it fell very close to my Hawaii trip and came up on me quickly. The weather was not entirely cooperative, but I was able to get in my paintings each day.

Wednesday and Thursday were the plein air painting days, this means all the artists (about 100) had a map of where they could paint and had from sun up to sun down to paint outside on location. If you want to see my paintings and hear more about that part of it click HERE to go to my art blog. Thursday night was a "quick paint" competition. Here are some pictures of the "quick paint":
It was a lot of fun! I haven't done anything like this for a while. I'm planning on making it a yearly thing.
Friday I turned in all my paintings, they judged and hung them at the Snake River Landing, and that evening they had a fancy dinner (Look at this yummy eclair... mmm)
and live Jazz concert along with the awards ceremony and live auction of some of the paintings. My awesome Mom came up to help me and watch the kids for the weekend. I don't know how I could have done it without her! Thanks Mom!! She watched the kids so Brandon and I could enjoy the evening. I actually won an award! Cool. I got the "Best Pastel" award for this one:,
and received a pastel cleaning machine that I've had my eye on for a while now. I was really excited. (The big $1000 cash prize went to a big name artist who will not be named here that came all the way up to our small town show to collect the big prize. Not cool.) But there were some fantastic artists and paintings. It was amazing to see all the talent that is in this area. I'm glad we have such an artsy community. I really had no idea when we moved here.

Saturday was supposed to be a fun day for the family. They had vendor booths, art displays, live music, giant urban sculpture for kids, painting projects, etc. The kids LOVED the painting project:
The morning was awesome, but the rain came in after about the first hour, and the rest of the day was horrible. All the people left. No one sold any paintings. Some of the booths threatened to blow away and people started packing up. Darn weather. It was sad. But at least it didn't rain and blow like that all week. I'll be doing it again next year. Third week of June, mark it on your calendars now! It was a lot of fun.


The Wendt Wagon said...

It is amazing what a multi tasking mama can get done. You have had a very busy and fun last few weeks. What a great example you are to your children. Your paintings are beautiful.

Sharon said...

that sounds like it was so fun, i wish the wheather was a little better. i love your sunhat, you're awesome!

Debbie Murdock said...

Your paintings are beautiful as always! Give me the name of the big name artist and we'll write a letter to that person to leave those cool little town communities alone.

Dave and Shatzi said...

That is SO cool that you did that! I think its so AWESOME that you use your talent. It is so easy for me to just let things go doing day to day mundane things. I agree - you are a great example to your kids!!

Sally said...

Congratulations! That eclair makes me hungry!

jess said...

you paintings look amazing. sounds like you've had a busy couple of weeks.
darn weather. :0)

Melissa said...

Impressive! I completely forgot about the festival - evidently I need a more reliable reminder than my memory! Congrats on your award! Next year will be so much more fun without all the surprises! Kudos to you for taking the effort!

Anna said...

This type of week-long, fun-filled art festivity has "Brittany" written all over it! I'm so glad you had the chance to be involved. I love that you are so dedicated.