"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th Festivities

We had a very eventful and fun-filled fourth of July! Melissa & Jason and fam came for the weekend to play. Here are our top 12:

1. Kids slept in the tent in the backyard. Actually slept. The whole night. Amazing.

2. We all stayed up way too late Friday and Saturday, playing, talking, fireworking...

3. Saturday morning parade. Longest parade ever. The kids ate so much candy!
(Especially Averie.)

4. Lunch Buffet at Craigo's. Mmmmm.

5. Post-parade nap time. Ahhhhh.

6. Slip and Slide.

7. Rock Band, of course.

8. Backyard BBQ in a makeshift fire pit. Good job men!

9. Playing with cousins! Make believe, video games, swinging on the swing set, playing with Rocket, loving baby Morgan, enjoying the beautiful weather and lack of mosquitoes!

10. The giant Melaleuca firework show in Idaho Falls.

11. Not losing any of our children at the giant Melaleuca firework show. (Well, okay, we lost James for a few minutes, but don't worry, we found him.) There were SOOOO many people there!

12. Lighting sparklers and budget fireworks in the street until midnight. (Sorry dear neighbors.) Woo Hoo!

Happy Independence Day!!


Brittany said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Bryce and Sharee said...

Looks so fun! I actually heard about this Melaleuca show last night and how huge it is. Ours was a bit small but fun anyway.

Sharon said...

it looks like it was an aewsome weekend! yeah for America!

The Wendt Wagon said...

What a fun day. I am glad that you were able to fit in a nap. I love the pictures of the kiddos on the lawn chairs. How fun

Melissa said...

It was a fun weekend! Thanks for letting us crash at your joint! The kids can't wait until camping.

Dave and Shatzi said...

What a busy day! I can't even imagine how worn out you must've been by the end! Looks like tons of fun, though.