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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Quick/Fun Weekend Trip

We headed to Utah to visit this weekend. Another quick trip, but fun-filled, and well worth the drive. Rocket accompanied us as well, as he is still recovering from being neutered. We drove to my mom's house Thursday night, and pretty much just went to bed. Friday morning we suited up and headed to Grandma Sherma's condo at Bear Lake. It was beautiful there. Of course I didn't get any pictures of the lake. Oh well. We had a great time swimming. The pool had just the right combination of shallow/not-too-deep water. All three of the kids had a blast and probably would have stayed in the water all day if we would have let them. Averie spend the better part of an hour doing this:
It's a good thing she has a patient daddy.
After swimming we had a little BBQ lunch at the condo, and then headed back to Logan.

Friday night (Pioneer Day), Grandma Sherma gave Mom and I tickets to a very cool production at the local Opera house. No pictures, but it was very memorable. The Utah Opera Company (I think) performed old American and patriotic songs with a full Symphony Orchestra. For the opening number all the singers came down the aisles and stood around the audience as the audience stood and sang together the national anthem. W-O-W! It was so incredibly moving. Both my mother and I were brought to tears. To stand in this amazingly beautiful opera house surrounded by some of the world's best singers belting out the Star Spangled Banner. Words can't describe the emotion. I am so very grateful for this country and the freedoms we enjoy. It's refreshing to be in the company of other Americans who feel the same way. They also honored all the armed forces veterans. There were so many of them there! It was a perfect celebration of our country and pioneer heritage. Thank you mom and Grandma!

Saturday morning Grandma Gina made us a fantastic crepe breakfast with fresh berries and lemon sauce. Mmmmmmmm.
Saturday afternoon Papa wanted to take the kids fishing at a local trout/llama farm. It was a really fun place. Ellorie caught the first fish, and then she was totally grossed out/frightened by the gigantic fish. This is the same girl that ten minutes later was catching dragon flies with her hands and chasing water snakes. Go figure. Mason was a lot more into the fishing thing. He caught three rainbow trout, one HUGE coppery colored one. The cleaned weight of the catch was seven pounds! They enjoyed a fantastic fish fry for lunch.
Mason reeling in the big one:

On the way home from fishing we stopped at the Gossner cheese factory. It was a great one! I went a little cheese crazy:
Fresh squeaky cheese curds, Provolone, Baby Swiss, Hard Parmesan, and Swiss and Onion Cheese spread. Mmmm. (Thanks Ken!) I love cheese. It's probably a good thing we don't live any closer to the place.

Saturday evening we also had a chance to play games for a little while. I wish we could do that more often. We love playing games. Such a fun weekend! Thanks for letting us come and play. We had a great time!!

Averie serenaded us for most of the drive home. Here are a few of her favorite numbers:


Bryce and Sharee said...

I didn't even know that Brandon was secretly in competition with me to win the "worst farmer tan of the summer award"... but he is clearing kicking my trash. Go Brandon! I'll get you next summer!

Looks like a fun trip!


Debbie Murdock said...

I love Gossners...we stocked up on little flavored milk this past week and if I had a cooler probably would've bought all the cheese are little tummies could handle. I find it funny we are always around the same places. We were in Cache Valley this weekend also...it's so peaceful and picturesque. I just love it. Maybe are paths will cross again sometime. Glad you had a great trip!

Brittany said...

Looks like fun! Averie is a doll :)

Dave and Shatzi said...

You guys have had a CRAZY summer!! I can't imagine how you aren't just falling down in sheer exhaustion! I love how well Averie sings. Bria used to do that too. I loved it.

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

"Twinkle little litle star" haha i think she likes the word "little." :)