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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dad's Helper

Averie is a huge fan of her daddy. Every time he mows the lawn she cries and screams until she gets to ride with him. She even wears the earplugs. She'll sit there until we drag her in, usually kicking and screaming.
This past week or so Brandon has been tinkering with the growing number of dirt bikes in the garage for the upcoming annual bike trip/male bonding week. (Only one of them is actually his.) The event is in October, but he's just getting things ready. Anyway, tonight Averie was "helping" him as he was working on one. She kept getting into the toolbox. I told her to leave Dad's tools alone and she said, "MOM! I'n fixin' the moto-psycho!!" She was also a big fan of the flashlight.

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Bryce and Sharee said...

so cute. averie is such a character.