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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mason and Ellorie's Hard and Fast Rules for Imaginative Role Play

If you are around our house much you will notice that our children love to pretend. But they don't just casually pretend to be a dog or a unicorn, there are some absolute rules that must be followed if you wish to play pretend around here:

1. Before game play begins, rules and characters must be announced. All players must agree to rules and characters. All super powers must also be announced at this time. All things must be FAIR. This debate may continue for hours on end, and may also be considered part of gameplay.

2. If gameplay is interrupted for any reason, one or more players must announce "PAUSE!"

3. No copies. For example, if Ellorie chooses to be a sparkly pink kitten with a diamond on her forehead, other players may choose to be sparkly kittens, but under no circumstances will they be pink or have a diamond on his or her forehead. That would be copying. This rule also applies to super powers.

4. Combination gameplay is allowed, for example: Super spy puffles, Space Pokemon, Ratatouille penguins, Ninja kittens, or Super Hero something or others are common occurrences. All players must agree to terms, including combined super powers. This may take hours as well.

5. All dialogue and action moves must be narrated by a player. You may narrate your own character, or have another player narrate for you. If another player narrates for you, you must follow their narration unless you have a better idea. An example of game play narration:
Ellorie: I'm a pink sparkly ninja kitten in the pet shop, but no one else knows I have super powers.

Mason: But what are your powers?

Ellorie: I have super strength, fire-proof, laser beams, and invisible.

Mason: No Ellorie, you can't have invisible, or I can't see you! Instead you are super fast.

Ellorie: Yeah, and you are super fast too, but you have all the other super powers.

Mason: Yeah, and then the store owner sees you doing special moves one day and decides not to sell you. And I'm a ninja trainer that comes to adopt you from the store.

Ellorie: Yeah, but the store owner sells me to you anyway, and you teach me more special moves. And then we go out to find some bad guys.

Mason: No, Ellorie, we DON'T go out to find bad guys. We have to be sneaky.

Ellorie: Okay, so then we build a sneaky spy fort. (All couch cushions are removed from the couches at this point.)

etc., etc., etc...

6. Outlandish claims such as "I am king of everything," or "I have every super power and you don't have any," will always be refuted, and usually revoked. I mean, that's just not FAIR. See Rule#1 for more details.

7. Gameplay may continue out of the house and on outings such as in the car, at the park, at church, in the grocery store, and on other errands. Mommy's rules for behavior in public places may be enforced, and will occasionally inhibit gameplay. At this point "PAUSE" must be called until gameplay may ensue.

8. No adult or figure of authority may question any rule or action of gameplay. If this occurs, gameplay will be moved immediately to another location. "PAUSE," may also be called.

9. All neighbors, guests, and people who may happen to stop by are welcome to play, providing they follow these rules and do not immediately appear as a figure of authority. Childish adults are sometimes allowed to join in, providing they adhere strictly to gameplay protocol. Younger children who are unable to follow rules may also be included in gameplay, but will most likely be cast as inanimate characters, pets, villains, or living flora/fauna. All narration will be provided for them.

You have now been informed.


Sally said...

what imaginative and clever kids!

Bryce and Sharee said...

hilarious...never a dull moment at the allen home! we miss you guys tons too!

Jenni said...

That is so funny! Glad you wrote that down, your kids will love it one day!

The Artist Behind Image Perfect: said...

Sounds as if the Fantastic Four DVD I gave you is really taking off!!! WOW! You need to be a writer now as you are SUPER creatively driven with words. That is shall we say.. your super power today! Give all the Holders of the Super Powers a big hug for me!