"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too Cute To Be Terrible...

I think Averie just might be going through what is commonly referred to as "The Terrible Twos". She has had multiple incidents of naughtiness for no apparent reason other that to satiate her curiosity. Most of them I don't get on film, and are pretty easy to clean up, but a few this week have tried my patience. Just a little.

She is obsessed with pouring water from one container to another, so that produces a lot of messes, but they are easy to clean up, so no problem. Diaper messes are abundant as she loves to remove her diaper when it is dirty. She usually doesn't make too terrible a mess though. (It's probably time to potty train however.) Mud messes outside are also common, but not too hard to clean up.

Tuesday she got into the somewhat new bottle of kids toothpaste, poured the entire bottle into her hands and wiped it all over herself like "lotion". Then continued to rub it into her HAIR like shampoo. So sticky. And wasteful. (Those kids toothpastes are expensive!) It cleaned up pretty well though. There were a lot of sticky places around the house I found throughout the day though. (The greenish tinge to her skin is the toothpaste. It's a little hard to see the magnitude of the mess:)

Today she was turning on the terrible twos with a vengeance. Refusing to take a nap, CHECK. Removing messy diapers and touching the contents, CHECK. Throwing tantrums, CHECK. Coloring all over the kitchen table with a 1/2 inch permanent marker that the kids left out, CHECK. That one was a doozy: ("It's beautiful, Mom!")

Magic eraser usually takes out permanent marker, but it didn't really do so hot. It's a good thing it's not a very nice table.
This is as clean as it's going to get: (*sigh*)

Then this afternoon Brandon was washing the car. Averie was helping. He walked around to the other side of the car and after a few seconds Averie announced, "All done Daddy!" She had poured the ENTIRE bottle of soap in the now muddy water. There wasn't much that could be done at that point, so she got to play in the suds for a little while. It's hard to get mad at her when she's so stinkin' cute.


Sharon said...

Holy Cow!! i thought jayne was getting bad... not nother NEAR this. you're right, it really is a good thing she's so cute.

Bryce and Sharee said...

WOW! My mouth fell open with I saw your table. It may be inexpensive but it's all you have. Are you going to get another one? Averie is so cute though. You are lucky that she is just starting this...Case is starting early I think. It is a good thing that we have cheap furniture too because it is all covered in dents from Case hammering! LOL.

Sally said...

That's a very full day! I tell my kids all the time that it's a good thing they are cute, sometimes that's the only thing saving them!

Jenni said...

This sounds very familar! Ava is always into the toothpaste. Recently she got in to hair gel and rubbed it all over her body. When I caught her she said "Pretty." Unfortunately she also rubbed it all over the wall and the carpet.

Debbie Murdock said...

PHEW...it's amazing how such a little person can do SO much! We found that rubbing alcohol works great on magic markers unfortunately sometimes it takes off the varnish if you rub too hard. Brandon is handy...maybe a sanding project in the near future! :)