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Friday, October 2, 2009

Totally Loaded

We're on vacation, and apparently that has meant a vacation from blogging too... But don't worry, we're heading back home tomorrow. We have been in Washington for the annual "Bike Trip" (a.k.a. men on motorcycles with guns and poles.) Brandon had a great time with all the guys up in the mountains and the kids and I have been at his mom's house doing all kinds of good projects.

These particular pictures were taken at a hair before 3:00 am last Saturday. It's an unearthly hour, and no one should really ever be awake at that time, but that's always when we leave for this trip. It makes it go by much faster, and we arrive in time for lunch. It's a long drive, but it went as smoothly as it ever has gone. We only stopped once for gas and once for bathroom breaks, and we were there.

If you could see in the back of the truck bed here you would see:

-Three motorcycles (yes, THREE)
-Three kids bikes
-All Brandon's camping gear
-Two huge suitcases
-Several cases of canning jars
-Lots of odds and ends
-Everything but the kitchen sink
Not to mention all the stuff packed inside....

Let's just say that Brandon is somewhat of a packing genius. We have only one motorcycle coming back home, but there are a LOT of apples and filled jars. I've done a lot of fun projects. More to follow soon!

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Dave and Shatzi said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast on your trip. Poor rocket looks so lonely in your backyard. He looks mournfully at all the kids playing outside....hoping someone will come give him some attention. Poor puppy!