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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's in a name?

Here's the baby belly. Ugh. My posture is terrible. I hate pictures of myself when I'm pregnant, but it must be documented for posterity, right?

I'm seven months now, and it seems to be going very quickly. I've been so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy with very few complications. I can usually even get to sleep at night, and the heart-burn has been at a minimum. It's going so easily, that I'm not completely sure I'm ready for the delivery. Last time was not so fun.

So now I realize that the time is drawing near and I do not have a suitable name for this baby. I swear that choosing a name is the hardest part of having a baby. It's important! I stress out about it to no end. I don't like to tell people my potential prospects because I think I'll jinx it. It never fails: I tell someone what I'm thinking of naming my baby and they tell me that's their dog's name, or a great aunt/uncle they hated, or a celebrity I dislike has a kid named that. Or even worse, they say something like: Oh, I hate that name; or, oh, don't do that...

And it's not that I am overly concerned with what people think, but I don't entirely trust my judgement when I'm pregnant. I'm quite sure the pregnancy hormones make my brain think strange things are a great idea which I would NEVER consider under normal circumstances. I know a girl that seriously almost named her son "Dragon", because you start looking through those name books full of John, Joe, Bill, and suddenly you picture your super cool kid, "Dragon" strutting through the high school halls, and for some strange reason it seems like a great idea. Pregnant ladies with raging hormones just shouldn't be allowed to choose names for their babies. This is probably how "Apple" came to be.

Part of my struggle is that we have a whole lot of family and friends with very cute and original baby names. If I like a name, chances are it's taken. I'm not going to name my baby the same name as a cousin or next door neighbor. Also, our last name is extremely common, so I won't even consider a very common/popular name and risk the chance that there will be five other "John Allens" in his school class.

Or there are awkward connections from the past or just bad mental images that a name evokes. No one wants to name her child after that big mean bully from elementary school.

So then there are always family names, right? Not really. The only decent ones have been used and re-used. Middle name maybe. I love my ancestors to be sure. But I just can't name my son Maurice, Moyle, Floyd, Irvin, or Henry. Can't do it.

So my criteria for this baby's name:

1. Must be original and somewhat unique, but NOT strange, weird, un-pronounceable, or un-spell-able. Not too common, not to odd.

2. Must "go" with my other 3 children's names. And yet can't be too much the same like Rhyming or just slightly different. Ellorie and Averie are bad enough. (Brandon is always calling them the wrong name.) Maybe since the girl's names are kinda similar, the boys names could both start with an '"M" or end with an "n", or both have two syllables or just be the same "type" of names. You know what I mean.

3. We both must like/tolerate the name and have no negative connections with it. This is a biggie. Brandon doesn't usually suggest names, but he can shoot them down in a hurry. I think this is the hardest one.

4. We don't like names that sound too foreign/ethnic or like a made-up word. Names with hyphens, symbols, or mid-name capitalizations are not an option. The poor boy is already going to be small for his age, we don't want to give him any additional reason to be bullied.

And that's pretty much it. Is that too much to ask?

So I look and look through books and online lists of baby boy names. I have a very small list of names that somewhat meet my criteria. I don't think Brandon particularly likes any of them. There is surprisingly little to choose from. I have dozens of adequate girls names picked out, but I'm pretty sure he's a boy. Mason thinks we should name him "Jett" because that's what he wanted to name the next dog. Sorry buddy. Hate to disappoint. Ellorie thinks Harry Potter is a nice name. That one isn't happening either.

And so the quest for a perfect name continues. But don't ask me, because if I choose one I probably won't tell you what it is until after he's born.... no offense....


Debbie Murdock said...

Good luck with the baby naming!!! My husband and I struggle like mad but you will find the perfect name. I've come to a conclusion about other people having the same names. We've had our boys names picked out for years but we've had nothing but girls. There are a few kids in our ward that have the same name BUT they won't be around those kids for eternity. Now in the same family that can be weird. But ,eventually your kids will get roots and be on their own and who cares if they had the same name as someone else...as long as you felt like is the right name. That's just my thoughts. You do what you want you want to do! Also, you might get a chuckle out of this. My niece (I think I'm safe here) she actually named her child Dreygin. When she told me that's what was going to do I held my tongue! Didn't say a word. If you only new his last name you would die laughing...I'll just say he'll be teased for the rest of his life. Good thing he's a cute kid.

Sharon said...

this is so funny, i totally agree with you on the naming thing, it's kinda a big deal :) People say boy names are the hardest to choose, and i have to totally agree. hmmm, here are some ideas for you...

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

I'm so sorry. I have two boy names, but I'm afraid that I have to save them for myself. I have a strange feeling that I might have twins.... I need to hoard all the baby names I can!!!! haha jk I'll be thinkin of one to go with your cute cute family. love you.

P.S. maybe Carson, Stetson, or Waldo. okay not waldo... but how awesome would THAT be??

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

oh! I didn't even see that the girl above me said she liked carson! hah!

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

last comment, I swear. your pregnant belly is SUPER cute. you look darling. just had to say that. :)

~The W.P.~ said...

I'll loan you my favorite name... I'll be using it someday, but not any time soon. :)


Who doesn't love Ralph Waldo?? But no one (as we know) wants a Ralph or a Waldo.

Good luck!

Andrea Harris

Twinlinebackers said...

Since I don't know you but I'm due two months earlier than you can you at least tell ME your name choices? I am looking for the same qualifications you are. We picked out a 1st name though - Parker. But nothing cool goes with it. I'm due in 2 weeks and been looking for a middle name for a month! Good luck to you.

Brittany said...

Dreygin actually kind of cute in a weird way. Boys names are hard. I have only one I really really like and will hopefully get to use some day. I do like Tayson or Treyson though. They ryme with Mason so that may not work so well. I don't know...good luck though.

leslie mae said...

Okay, I haven't checked your blog in AGES!!! You look FABULOUS!!!

I say ANYONE who actually has the nerve to tell someone they DON'T like a name they're considering should be slapped... hard!!

A couple of my favorite names {feel free to use them if you wish}

Charlton {I'd call him Charlie}

Good luck!!!

leslie mae said...

Oh, I also really like Burton & Oakley. I'll keep thinking though!

Melissa said...

Okay Brittany! You are so funny, you just made me laugh so hard! I think you are right...coming up with the right name is so hard! I am sure you will do a great job! YOu look so cute by the way!!! Good luck! We can't wait to see pictures and find out what name you guys decided on!!!!

Dave and Shatzi said...

I agree with Leslie on the names...definitely like Max. =) I totally agree with you on the whole naming thing. Dave and Brandon are SO alike that way. Don't want to suggest, but can sure kill a good idea in a heartbeat!