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Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason!!

Mason had an incredibly fun and full 8th birthday! He started the morning with his breakfast of choice: chocolate cinnamon pancakes. Mmmmmm.

After school it was PARTY time! It wasn't a "party year" for him, but he talked me into taking his closest buddies to play Laser Tag. (Yeah, it was totally a party, I'm a complete sucker.) It was actually really fun, and not very expensive. There is a cheap laser tag place that just happened to have a special today. Bonus.

The boys were in heaven! It was so funny to watch them run around shooting each other. Some of them were not very stealthy. They would run up to each other, stand about a foot apart and shoot each other point blank. Hilarious. Some of them were quite sneaky. I was thoroughly entertained.

After Laser Tag we went back to the house for pizza, cake, and ice cream. Mason wanted a "yellow puffle" on his cake. This is a yellow puffle (sort of. I'm no cake decorator.) :

Mason loved it though. That's all that matters.

His friends and sisters sang him a very boisterous rendition of "happy birthday":

Then he opened presents. He was certainly spoiled him this year! He opened all the wonderful cards and gifts from grandparents and family members (Thank you, thank you, thank you!). He also had lots of fun phone calls to wish him happy birthday. He got a new set of scriptures, some "footsie" pajamas, lots of cool toys and books, and some spending cash. (Which he already has big plans for.) I think he had a wonderful day!


Sally said...

Fun! That picture of him with his eyes closed is so cute! He looks a lot like Averie in it.

Sharon said...

happy birthday Mason! I can't believe he's 8 already... he's such an awesome kid!

Brittany said...

Glad he had so much fun. Love the singing! And the cake looks awesome.

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

mason has some TALL friends!! i can't wait for saturday- i have some suprises for the kids :)

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

ps i love mason's reaction to the little 'tickle' his friend tried to give him in the video