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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Broken Arm

Poor Ellorie broke her arm yesterday. She was just playing with a friend and fell down. Such a freak accident. We weren't sure if it was broken for several hours because it wasn't really swollen or anything. It eventually started swelling a little and was hot to the touch. Since it was obviously on the bone (not the wrist) and too painful for just a bruise, we decided to take her in. Brandon was able to come home early from work and take her to an Urgent care place so I didn't have to haul all the kids in. I'm super grateful for that, because I'm not sure I would have been able to handle it. None of us had a very great day yesterday.

Ellorie was very brave for the examination and the x-ray. It was a clean break all the way through her radius bone, about an inch above her wrist. It was set and seems to be alright, so they put on a "soft" cast, which isn't really soft, but temporary. She will hopefully get her hard cast on Friday, and is looking forward to getting the bulky soft cast off. She doesn't seem to be in too much pain, but I'm keeping her home from school today. It's her right arm, so she isn't going to get much done anyway.

Poor girl! No sledding or swimming for Christmas break. She's also really worried about not being able to play "horses" with her cousin Jenna. ("I have to crawl, Mom!") At least she has two weeks off from school.

She is not a happy camper:


Bryce and Sharee said...

I feel so bad for Ellorie! That is no fun...maybe she will cheer up a bit when she gets to choose a colorful cast! Not a fun way to spend Christmas!

Sally said...

That's too bad. Once she gets the hard cast she'll get used to and still be able to play. When Calvin broke his collar bone I was amazed at what he figure out to do! sorry

Brittany said...

Oh poor Ellorie. She looks so miserable. And it looks so big on her! Hopefully she will heal fast.

Anna said...

Poor girl! Just give her a few days, and she'll be playing in no time. Kids have a wonderful ability to adjust in spite of physical deterrents.

Shannon said...

So sorry to hear about the broken arm. She definitely doesn't look like a happy camper in this picture. Hope she is doing better.

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

i love you ellorie!