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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We're home! We had a week long vacation to Utah for Christmas. It went by really quickly, but very full and fun. Christmas this year was with my side of the family. We stayed at my mom's house, but made visits and attended parties and such.

Our first stop was the Clegg family party. I didn't take a single picture! Shame on me. It was so much fun to see everyone and for the kids to play with cousins. (It's hard to live so far away from them that the kids have to get re-acquainted every time we visit.) Grandma and Grandpa Clegg always put on a wonderful spread and host a fantastic party. Grandma's beautiful quilts and handmade gifts to the kids are always treasured! We had a "giving not getting" theme this year and each family took the money that would have been spent on gifts to give to help others. No one missed the presents, and it was a perfect start to Christmas to focus on the giving and not the getting. We love you Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you!!

We stopped by my dad's gravesite before attending the party, and snapped a few pictures. It was cold! We don't make it down there too often, so it was really nice to show the kids and talk about Grandpa Kerry. Ellorie loves the Jesus statue there.

The week at my mom's house was full of all kinds of fun and games. The highlight of every hour was Grandma's clock on the wall that opens and sings a Christmas song on the hour. Averie had a hysterical fit every time she missed it opening. "The clock, the clock!!!"

Ellorie especially had a wonderful time playing with her Aunt Kelsey. She followed her around like a little shadow most of the week.

Mason also became extra good buddies with Uncle Caden, playing excessive amounts of video games, and entertaining the masses.

One of the favorite activities of the week was painting gingerbread cookies with Grandma Gina and Aunt Carlee. Ellorie was amazing with her left-handed frosting abilities, and Averie enjoyed eating more than her fair share of the frosting. Mason made the cutest display of cookies to give to Santa:

Christmas Eve the kids each opened the traditional first gift of Christmas. This year, blankets (and some super cozy pajamas from Grandma Gina.)

After the kids were in bed the "siblings" had a gift exchange and a program. I think this is the first time we have ALL been together for Christmas since I got married. Amazing! I loved spending more than just a few minutes of time with everyone. It was such a fun and relaxing Christmas. (Someone send me a picture of all of us in our matching pajamas!)

Christmas morning was magical as always.
Averie didn't sleep AT ALL Christmas Eve. She was really happy about her new playhouse and Lightning McQueen chair, and sat in it quite stone-faced for the first half hour or so. She eventually came out of her trance and discovered the many presents to be unwrapped. I think the $1 bouncy ball was her favorite gift.

Mason was delighted with everything, especially the Spy Gear. Spoiled rotten!

Ellorie spotted her beloved German Shepherd stuffed animal that she had pined for since early summer. She hasn't let go since. Such a sweet, happy girl.

I was spoiled rotten for Christmas as well. Brandon surprised me with a Kitchenaid Mixer he had mailed to my mom's house. He is in BIG trouble. (I am so excited to use it!)

My mom spoiled me as well. (Thank you for everything Mom!!!) Among her generous gifts was this bread making book I have wanted forever. Now that the Christmas projects are finished, I think it's time for a baking obsession...

The day after Christmas we had one more party with Grandma Sherma in Fielding. The kids had a chance to go snowmobiling, and participate in the traditional "grab bag". It was a lot of fun.

No pictures of Mason on the snowmobiles. He went once and decided it was much too cold to go again. Averie thought it was scary, but I think they all enjoyed the ride. A "grab bag" is a gigantic pile of wrapped presents in which the kids take turns opening. Most of the contents are small food, toy, or useful items, and lots of one dollar bills this year. The kids absolutely love it because they get to open so many presents. We had a fun white elephant exchange with the adults as well. It was fun to see everyone.

The grab bag: Thanks grandma Sherma!

What a fun and full vacation! My only regret is not getting down to see Grandpa Don and Linda (due to location change of the party). We miss you and were thinking of you. Hopefully we'll be able to come visit soon.

We hope all of our family and loved ones had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!


Brittany said...

That's really nice that you got to visit your dad's grave for Christmas. I love the kid's blankets! You will love your kitchen aid...my MIL got me one when we got married and I use it a lot.

The Wendt Wagon said...

Wow!! What an eventful Christmas. I have enjoued seeing your homemade gifts you have been making. You are so stinking takented. I can;t wait to see all your fancy bread.

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

i miss you guys already!!! that really was awesome to have everyone together for the first time since i was twelve haha

love you. tell the kids i had a blast playing (made me want babies)

Heather said...

You are so talented. Keira wants a playhouse like Averie's. She asked me if I had your number so I could call you for one! :) Glad you had a great Christmas.