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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ellorie's 6th Birthday!

Ellorie's birthday was yesterday. I can't believe she is 6! She didn't get a "friend" party this year. I just couldn't do it in my current "condition". We still had a really fun day, and we're going to have another day with friends after the baby gets here.

Ellorie chose her favorite meals for the day.
On the menu:

breakfast- bacon and pancakes (in that order)

lunch- we went to lunch with Daddy to her favorite mexican restaurant. She likes it because the salsa isn't too spicy and it comes in ketchup bottles so she can squirt it on the chips.

dinner- mashed potatoes, steak, and cabbage. Go figure.

She got to open some presents before Mason left for school. (It was her day off today.) She played with her new toys all morning, and had a manicure with her new nail polish. Averie was having a hard time understanding why she didn't get all the cool new stuff. Ellorie was very kind to share everything.

After the kids played for a bit we bundled up and went to town for some shopping and playing. The first stop was the pet store for some window shopping. The girls like the pet store more than the zoo I think. Their squeals of delight rang out through the store. The ferrets and mice are the favorites. (We'll let them stay at the store though. I don't need any more pets...)

After the pet store we went to some toy stores and Ellorie got to spend her birthday and Christmas money. She found some very fun toys and picked out a movie.

After dinner we had a family movie night and watched this:

It was pretty funny, though Ellorie could hardly handle the suspense at the end. Mason absolutely loved it. Ellorie's cute friend came over and gave her a present during the movie. You can see her holding her gift here. She was so excited that her friend remembered her birthday. Very cute.

Last of all before bed we had cake and ice cream. Probably the creepiest cake I have ever made, but Ellorie insisted that she have a "red puffle with teeth".

YIKES! Not my finest work.

Oh well. It tasted good.
She had a lot of help blowing out candles. I think she had a wonderful birthday.

We love you Ellorie!!


Bryce and Sharee said...

Happy Birthday Ellorie! She is getting so grown up. It is crazy how fast it happens...interesting choice of dinner. Shows that she is well balanced. LOL.

Marie said...

actually i loved the cake