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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Weeks Old

Well, I definitely spoke too soon on the whole "sleeping through the night" post. Yeah. Rylan is totally over that phase. He usually has at least one 3-hour nap sometime at night though, so it's not too unbearable. It turns out that he really does belong to our family...

Averie is totally enamored with the little guy. She calls him, "my baby brudder", and "you baby". She always asks me, "Is that you baby mama?" and then she comes and tells me, "Mommy, you baby is crying and crying for NO reason!"

He really doesn't cry that much, but she is very concerned when he does.

She is finally over the flu and her nasty cold, so she can hold Rylan now. She just loves to hold him. I'm a little relieved that she isn't jealous.

She's his biggest fan for sure.

Ellorie and Mason are funny with Rylan. They sort of like him. They think he's cute and will occasionally look at him, but they really aren't that "in" to the baby. Ellorie often forgets his name and calls him "the born baby".

I think it's still a bit new and overwhelming for them. I'm sure they will take more interest when he becomes more interactive. I remember feeling that way when my little sister was born. (I was nine.)

It's always difficult adjusting to major life changes.
I think we're doing pretty well though.


Sally said...

So cute! He looks so little. Averie is so funny - love her commentary!

Jeppson Jabber said...

He is adorable and I'm so glad that Averie likes him. Hopefully that will last. At least you got a couple of weeks of good sleep.

Brittany said...

Averie looks adorable holding Rylan and so in love! That's funny about the other two.

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

hahahaha "the born baby" lol