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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Planet Lego 3, by Mason

Mason came home from school the other day with this story. He wrote it with his friends in his "spare time" that day. Wow! He must have a lot of spare time at school.

I should probably be a bit concerned about all of the violence and weapons in the story. I don't let him play any violent video games/movies/etc, but how in the world does he know what moving target practice is? What to do... He's such a boy. I told him I was glad to see that no people were hurt in the story. We've been reading the Book of Mormon every morning before school and we are into the parts with all the wars. Mason is REALLY into the wars between the Nephites and Lamanites.

I have to say I am impressed with the spelling and comprehension. He spelled almost everything right. Anyway, here it is...


(Story is completely unedited as written by Mason.)
Chapter 1

Once apon a time there were four people Mason, Carson, Eli, and Lexi. They blasted off to planet Lego 3, but they didn't know where they were going. It took three hours.

When they got there they were Lego people and they all got bazukas. There was a 40 foot-tall monster. It died in three shots. Then an army of nine million yard-tall monsters came! They set the bazokas to giant missle. The army was dead in one shot. Then Kaiden flew over and he got a missle launching-double rifle. We killed one hundred monster armys together. Then Chase flew over, he got a double shooter-pistol. We did some moving-target practice then we played checers then we played cards. We had a good time. Then a monster broke the door down! It was missle proof and chase shot it with his pistol. It died in one shot.

Chapter 2: Bombers

Invizible monsters were fighting us and they had light-sabers. You could see where they were because the light-sabers wern't invizible. Then bombers came and it was an army of bombers. They were droping bombs like crazy! But we had force fields. Then we shot the mall then more came! We shot them and no more came so we went to a hotel. Then bombers went in the hotel! We shot them again. Then a giant bomber came! We shot it 1,896 times then it blew up. We left the hotel. We took a long walk. We bought new amo.

Then Layton flew here and he got a light-saber. We got to a new hotel and we got some rest. When we woke up it was night so we left. Then we fought a pack of were-wolfs.

Chapter three: Were-wolfs.

When it was morning we took a walk then Kaiden saw something. It was a light-saber! Then alien barbies started fighting us. When we shot them they blew up like a bomb. Then 3 armys of were-wolfs atacked us! We killed them in 3 shots. Then more came and we killed them. Then more came and we killed them. Then a giant were-wolf came. We shot it 9,986 times. Then it died.

Then Gabe flew over and he got a bazuka. We went and killed 33 armys of monsters. Then Laton flew over and he got a grenade launcher. Then we went to a hotel and we got some rest when we woke up be bought new amo.

Chapter four: Were-Ants

...to be continued


Bryce and Sharee said...

Very...interesting! Its funny to try to think of where those kids have heard of this stuff! Can't wait for the next installment!

The Wendt Wagon said...

There is nothing better than to play checers and cards with your friends in the middle of an alien war. Sounds like a lot of fun.