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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm not sure why we really celebrate the day, but we seem to like green and it's a lot of fun for the kids, so why not?

The kids ingested enough green food coloring today to get them through the next year. I'm sure of it. Actually the green smoothie didn't have any food coloring, but you know what I mean. I probably went a bit over the top with the green food today. Sometimes it's difficult to restrain myself. As the Pioneer Woman often says, "I'm pursuing it in therapy." Not a bad idea.

It was GORGEOUS today! Unbelievably warm for our neck of the woods. Ellorie wore shorts most of the day.
I think it got up to the high 50's, which in Idaho is nearly mid-summer temperatures.
I think.

I wanted to snap some pictures of the kids outside, though the landscape is still quite drab. Ellorie and Rocket were having such a great time wrestling that it proved to be quite impossible. But it was entertaining. I'm pretty sure Rocket thinks Ellorie is another dog. They are hilarious to watch. I'll have to make a video of them playing sometime. I swear that child is fearless.
My favorite shot:
Yeah, "smile for the camera" is Ellorie for "wrestle with the dog". Very nice. I love how Mason is directing everyone and Averie is picking grass. Rylan was screaming as I was holding him because he didn't like the sun in his eyes. Ah. These are the moments.

So we moved indoors for a shot with fewer distractions. Uh huh.

You can tell Ellorie is still on the hyper side from wrestling with the dog. In fact, she is portraying a dog on the bottom picture there.

You can also tell Averie has been very sick all week. I'm pretty sure she had RSV and has had a nasty disposition to go with it. Poor babe. She's finally feeling much better.

Rylan and Mason pretty much just want to get this picture thing over with. Duh, Mom. This is BORING! Haven't you taken enough already? Just ONE more...

Good enough.

Happy St. Patty's!


Sharon said...

oooh i love green! and i love rylan's baby legs, super cute! i love how every child has their own personality, cute pictures!

Bryce and Sharee said...

i love that you celebrate all holidays so thoroughly! I've never heard of spinach bread before...the green color makes it fun. cute pics!

The Wendt Wagon said...

I love the green leggings. As for cloth diapers, I am hooked. I started them by being forced by Marix's allergies, but I love them and will never go back. I wash my own and its not at all too bad, I do so much laundry anyways. I do save money because I live in California and things are so much more expensive than most places. After 6 months my diapers have more than paid for themselves. I plan on using them for the rest of my babies. ( I would love to have 2 more.)e-mail me and we can talk diapers if you want. I have done SO much research and would love to share. chantellew4@yahoo.com

Brittany said...

So cute! I love that Ellorie is "fearless"! I need to start trying some of your recipes.