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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Name and a Blessing

I took these pictures a couple of days ago when I was making sure Rylan's blessing outfit would fit him. I'm glad I took lots of pictures because today was far too full and busy for many pictures. That, and he was asleep most of the day.

I'm also glad I got a lot of pictures beforehand because... 5 minutes before his blessing he had a huge blown out diaper that leaked onto his blessing suit, his socks, and his cute little shoes. The kid has never had a blow-out before this. Figures.

So I ran to the mother's room and was frantically washing and wiping up the mess during the opening song. Made it back JUST in time. Whew.

I'm also glad I didn't take the beautiful crocheted blanket my grandma Sherma made to wrap him up in, because it would have been soiled as well. I have forgotten to take it to the church for EVERY blessing. (I forget my own name half the time lately, so it's really not too surprising...*sigh*) At least I have some pictures of him all nice and dressed up. He's such a handsome little guy:


Shannon said...

What a sweet boy! I love all your pictures, he is getting so big already, hope all is well!

Gina said...

You got some great shots my camera saavy girl! Such a sweetie. I am in love with him!