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Monday, March 8, 2010

Potty Training an Extremely Independent two and a half-year old: Take 27 (more or less)

Day One- the stats:

times gone number one: 18
times gone number two: 4
accidents: 0
uncontrollable screaming fits of rage (Averie): 1
uncontrollable screaming fits of rage(Mom): 0
M&M's dispensed: 54
rolls of toilet paper used: .75
near misses: 2
articles of dirty laundry: 1
small messes: 1
large messes: 0
high fives: 22

Not bad! There might be hope for us yet...
*UPDATE* we are "officially" potty trained!!!!! No accidents all week, day or night. HOORAY!!


Brittany said...

Good Job! I think we are on about "take 10" so far with Braylee. Good luck!

Brittany said...
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Sharon said...

so funny!! that's a part of my life i don't miss, good luck!!

Brooklyn said...

I love her little thumbs up pic. She is getting so big!!!

Brooklyn said...
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Brooklyn said...
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Shannon said...

These pictures are priceless! I love it! Yeah Averie, good job!

The Wendt Wagon said...

Oh the potty training stage. Fun to see them master a new skill, but oh so wonderful when it is all over. Thanks for the liquid minerals idea. I have actually been looking into them for a while. I just ordered me some. I also started excercising again this week and it has already started helping me have a bit more energy. I need to find myself a smoothie maker like yours. I really need to try these green smoothies of your moms.
I so love to keep in touch with you. Just FYI, Laura is expecting her third child in June, and Jenny is expecting her second in May.

Anna said...

Good job, both Brittany and Averie! This is universally a magnanimous parental test of patience. However, I've been told that bribery seems to be an effective method.

Hilarie* said...

That is too cute! You are good. Trevor has been ready for a while.. but I just have been too busy to get it done. I also admit I'm not eager to spend a handful of days doing nothing but that!!! Way to go!

Gina said...

At that rate of toilet paper usage the septic tank is going to burst!You may want to control the paper there? Ha! Congratulations! WHew! It happened... finally! party time... but don't drink too late.