"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Small Addition

My grocery list was sitting on the counter before the kids left for school this morning.

dog food
dishwasher soap

and then in cute scrawly kid writing:

it says:
bottle caps (candy)
7-up (pomagranet)

Thanks for the clarifications there, Mason. I'll get right on that...


leslie mae said...

okay that's just too cute!! And I must agree, if soda is going to be on that list it MUST be Pomegranate 7up!

Anna said...

LOL! My mom would actually BUY our sneaky additions, most of the time.

Hilarie* said...

Ha ha ha.. .that is too cute!! I love having those funny little additions around the house. Mine aren't as grown-up as yours yet.. but they brighten my day and make me chuckle!

Sharon said...

that's super cute. its on the list so you have to get it right?

Heather said...

I love it! Kaden will do that every once in awhile.

Dave and Shatzi said...

That's adorable. At least he didn't beg and beg and beg until he drove you crazy.

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

haha i used to do that to mom's shopping lists all the time!

Gina said...

Now these are truly the staples of life! Ha! Gotta love the kids. Save those and put them in their books. Will become cherished!