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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Space Derby 2010

Mason was pretty proud of his finished rocket.

And tonight was the much-anticipated Space Derby! (insert space-themed music here)

Mason led the flag ceremony. Then we had a cute space-themed pack meeting before the races.

The dads did the winding. First 50 turns, then 75, then 100.

Hanging the rockets.

Then... blast off!

Mason's was pretty fast. I think the second or third fastest. He won all of his heats, which made him very happy. It was a good thing it wasn't competitive. I think all the boys had a good time.


Gina said...

congratulations Mason ( and Brandon)haha. Looked very cool and like it was so much fun! What great parents my grandchildren have. So happy! Love you all.

BrittanyLane said...

Brandon nothing! The rocket was my project this year. Thank you tax season.