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Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveaway WInner!

It's time to choose a big winner for the soap giveaway. I know the suspense is just killing you. (All 20 of my readers.) I entered one of these little giveaways yesterday on a bloggety-blog and I was the 6098th entry. Uh, your odds are slightly better here...

Anyway... A random number generator seems so anti-climatic when there are so few names, so I just had Averie choose the name out of a bowl. Pretty high-tech.

And the winner is... [drumroll, please]

(sorry the video is so dark. Would it have killed me to open a window?)

Yay Sally! Way to go. Averie thought you were "Sally" from her favorite movie "Cars". She kept saying that she wanted Lightning McQueen to win next. I just sent you a facebook message with the details. Congratulations!


Sally said...

Thank you! Yeah! I need some good news this week! Averie is so cute - my kids think I'm on Cars too =)

shaina said...

Ah man. I was crossing my fingers and everything!

Eyvon said...

Hmm, maybe Sally will want to share with her mother! Just kidding, but maybe next time I come to visit Ross and Jana I will have to stop by and have a lesson on soap making!