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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We decided to get a jump on swimming lessons this year for Mason instead of waiting for summer. He is loving the longer classes (one hour) and tiny class sizes (3 kids). He gets lots and lots of attention. That also means he has to work harder. He is absolutely exhausted at the end of the hour, but he's learning a lot.

The last two summers of swimming lessons have been very unproductive. This place seems to be better for him. He's learning all kinds of cool strokes, swimming laps, and practicing diving into the pool for races. (I'm not a swimmer, I have no idea what these things are called.) He's still mainly using the kick board to swim, but in only two lessons he has greatly improved.

My camera ran out of batteries after these two shots, but I'll get more next week.

Go, Mason, go!

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Sharon said...

where are you going for lessons? mason looks like he's having fun!