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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Months

Rylan continues to grow like a weed. He is three months (and a week) old now. His favorite past times include:

kicking his feet (constantly),
cooing and gooing at anyone that will talk in his general direction,
smiling at Momma,
giggling at Daddy,
watching his musical toys,
sticking out his tongue at Mason,
watching his wild sisters play horsies,
scratching his face (he is grounded indefinitely from his hands),
and generally being the center of attention.
He is such a fun, happy boy. We just can't get enough of him.

Averie is just the teensiest bit jealous of all the attention Rylan gets. She loves him, but is a tad demanding when she feels she is being slighted in the least. While I was taking pictures of Rylan she said, "Momma, take my pictures too!" and she would get really close to the camera. Such a cutie. Love that smile:
My little sprouts are growing like weeds as well:

I'm looking forward to starting the garden.

Lots of good things. After three months of long, cold winter as a "single" parent (tax season), I'm so excited to have some sunshine and some help with the kids. Happy tax day!

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Brittany said...

Glad, for you, that tax season will be over. Your kids are adorable.