"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring is for Flying Kites

In most places this may not look like adequate weather for Memorial Day weekend, or for the first day of Summer break. But in Idaho, this is a pleasant spring day. Drizzling rain, medium gusty wind, above freezing temperatures.

Ellorie spent her last remaining birthday cash on this beautiful dinosaur kite, which she has been positively begging to fly. THIS is the reason she needed a new kite, by the way.

Brandon helped her get it up in the air,

And then she enthusiastically took over...

She toughed it out for quite a while. It was a chilly day. It's always a pleasant surprise when a new kite is a great flyer.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Beautiful Day Was Due...

Not that we don't love the snow...

Or the wind...

Or the rain....

Or sleet...

Or hail...

Or combination of all the above...

But it's certainly nice, once in a while...

When spring actually looks...

Like spring....

And doesn't Rylan's face look so much better!

Never mind the pouty face.
He hasn't caught on to the beauty of an Idaho spring yet.

That, or the grass was pokey.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Averie!

My baby girl is 3 today! We celebrated yesterday, for the most part. Sunday birthdays usually make for nice, drawn out celebrations that span the weekend.

She wanted to go to the "jumpy place" for her birthday. We had a little pizza party there with her cousins, and let them jump to their heart's content. It was a bit noisy, but most definitely enjoyable.

We had "cake pops" in stead of cake this year. Very fun and tasty. (See previous post.)

And of course there were presents. Averie is a big fan of presents. And who can blame her?

Her awesome Aunt Melissa played board games with all the kids while mommy was a bit stressed out and busy with baby Rylan. Averie loved it. Thanks Mel!

And I have to include this little clip of singing happy birthday to Averie. (Please ignore my voice blaring in the background. And Mason hopping around. He had a sliver.)

I love how boisterously Averie is singing her own birthday tune.

Happy Birthday Averie darling! We love you so much!!

I am NOT bakerella.

I made puppy pops for Averie's birthday. I stole the idea from bakerella.

(Photo courtesy of www.bakerella.com.)

Click HERE to meet bakerella. This super creative baking genius that concocts cullinary cuteness that is just to die for. Click on "Cake Pops" or "Cupcake Pops". You'll Ooh and Ahh, and Laugh and Cry. But please take caution when attempting this cuteness. It is much more difficult than she makes it look.

I *attempted* to make these darling puppy "cake pops" for Averie's birthday. Attempted it the key word here.

As you may have surmised from the title, I am NOT bakerella. Nor do I pretend to be. These were trickier than I expected, and my first one I couldn't even bear to take a picture of. I was far too embarrassed at my complete and utter failure. It was a lumpy, blob and looked more like a wookie than a puppy.

My first reaction was actually to laugh OUT LOUD at the ugly blob I was holding on a stick that was supposed to be a puppy. Then I ate it. It was delicious, so I pressed on.

The directions are on her website, but basically you bake a cake mix, let it cool, crumble it into a large bowl, and dump in a can of frosting. Mix it really, really well and form one inch or so balls of cake:
Mine were a little bigger than they were supposed to be.

Then you dip the sticks in some melted almond bark and stick them into the cake balls.

Then refrigerate for several hours, or even freeze them. I didn't have room in my freezer, so I refrigerated them for half a day.

Collect your other ingredients: Melting chocolate, brown and white (DO NOT substitute chocolate chips or peanut butter chips here. That is how I got a wookie. The chips specifically made for dipping are the way to go.)

I also used Life Savers, brown mini m&m's, and I used black sesame seeds for the eyes. My puppies did not have mouths. And I'm okay with that. (Bakerella used an edible marker for the faces. I don't think they sell such a thing in this state though.)

The ears were another fail in my attempt to be bakerella. Use the plastic spoons, not the metal. You'll be glad you did. My ears were dog ugly, but nobody minded...

Bakerella assembled hers after they dried, but I just don't have those kind of skills or "candy glue"? What the heck is candy glue anyway?

I just melted the chocolate, rolled the cake balls in, stuck on the faces while the chocolate was still wet and it worked beautifully. Did I just say beautifully? Okay, by the end I was getting the hang of them. I made 45, but you only get to see the best of the bunch:

I'm telling you, there were several that had to be put out of their misery immediately.
They were delicious anyway.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

Evidently coloring with sidewalk chalk needs to be a fully supervised activity. First drawing, then coloring, then painting, then suddenly:

Face paint was NOT in the plan book for the day.

Good thing it washes off easily. Those were school clothes.

And good thing it's about to rain. There is a solid half inch of chalk in some places.

And good thing the sidewalk chalk is almost gone. As well as the play-doh. Another story for another day.

And it's a very good thing I love her dearly, because she is too old to be making huge messes like this. It's hard to get mad at her cute little giggling face full of chalk...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ellorie's Kindergarten Program

Today was Ellorie's much anticipated Kindergarten graduation. She was delighted that her daddy surprised her and was able to come. It was a darling presentation and program. Here is one small snippit:

And a few still shots:

She was SO excited to see us. What a happy smile.

(Love how it's at the end of the school day and her hair has totally fallen out? Oh well.)

She was VERY good at all the actions.

I missed Ellorie receiving her "diploma", but here is just after:

And a quick pose with her sweet teacher:

Such a sweet girl. We love you Ellorie! I can't believe you're going to be a first grader.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Semi-Productive Weekend

The last two weekends Brandon and Jason (bro. in-law) have been framing the basement.


We weren't really planning on finishing the basement yet, but I'm very excited to have some room to spread out and organize. And maybe have an office and an art studio.

It's been amazing to see what two handy men can accomplish in two days of work. The whole basement is nearly framed! Just a few small spots to go. Here are some shots, though I doubt anyone can really tell what is going on in these pictures.

Saturday I also did a different kind of framing and got three paintings ready for a show I have at the museum next week. I hate framing. BLAH. But I eventually got them finished and delivered despite many, many interruptions.

Can you tell my heart's just not in the painting groove right at the moment? Sad. I've been so busy with everything. I really want to start painting again more. I have a painting trip in June to motivate me... We'll see. I think this show is going to be really nice though. It hangs at the The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho downtown until the first week in July. (Just a small plug.)

Saturday Melissa and I also took the kids to a little park to get out all that excess energy. It was a beautiful day and I think everyone enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. Thank goodness for the occasional beautiful day. I was beginning to have my doubts about this place.

I have a feeling we're going to be spending a lot of time at parks and playgrounds this summer. The kids had a blast.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy Day

What is crazy day? I'm not really sure.

If you ask me, we have crazy day around here more often than not.

But apparently, there is also a "crazy day" at school where kids can bring all the crazy things they have been yearning to wear to school all year.

like hats

and sweat pants

and sandals (I'm a mean mom, I know)

and kitty ears/tail/makeup

and super hero capes (?)


The sandals gave Ellorie a blister, but otherwise, I think it was a fun and adventurous day.

Happy Crazy Day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Garden Update

Spring has (maybe) finally come to our corner of the world. It's been a cold, long, windy, snowy, nasty spring. Hopefully (for the garden's sake, and for my own sanity) we are on to more springish weather.

As you can see from my tulips, we are still quite behind the rest of the country when it comes to warm weather. But aren't my little purple pansies cute from last mother's day... (Never mind all the grass in my flower bed. We're not talking about that today.)

Today in the garden we planted:

purple and orange carrots,
red and green cabbage,
red potatoes,
six varieties of lettuce.

I'm excited to see all the colors emerging from the ground.

Here are the little peas:

And onions:

And garlic:

I'm glad we got at least a few things in the ground before it snowed and got all nasty, Idaho style, on us. We are more than a month behind last year in the garden!

Brandon has some Fridays off now that tax season is over and summer is approaching. I love having him around more! Averie has had so much fun today being Daddy's little shadow while he worked outside.

Hooray for spring!