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Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Products I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Sooner...

Ever find something fantastic and were just dying to tell everyone about, only to find out everyone else already knew about it?

The last to know is never fun.

Well, every time I use these products, which is really on a daily basis, I say to myself,

(Yes, I do talk to myself a lot. Especially when I'm baking.)

"Self, you really ought to tell every single person you know, just how fantastic this product is."

... Okay, I really don't say that. But I think it.

So I'm sharing three completely random products with you, my six faithful blog readers, in hopes that you won't be the last to know, if you don't know yet.

FIRST PRODUCT: Cascade ActionPacs.

Yes, I'm serious.

I have one of those really cheap, contractor's special, dishwashers that look real pretty on the outside with the stainless steel and all, and are basically a piece of junk underneath. The beast is only a couple years old, and does a terrible job. I was ready to kick it to the curb because I had to hand wash all my dishes BEFORE and AFTER running them through the dishwasher.

And I'm cheap. I DON'T buy the VERY cheapest dishwasher detergent, but probably the second or third cheapest. Sometimes generic. Name brand only if it's on sale.

BUT, I had a super coupon for these and thought I would try them before buying a new dishwasher. I expected nothing, but I was willing to give it a try.

The next morning I went to unload my dishwasher. I grabbed a glass casserole dish and paused. Where did this come from? This isn't mine. Did someone bring me food and I forgot to return the dish? (It was just after having the baby.) It looked BRAND NEW. Suddenly I realized that it wasn't new, it was just .... CLEAN. OH-MY-HECK. A product that actually does what it says. It's just like having a brand new dishwasher.

The only downfall, I have to note, is that it oxidizes aluminum pans. I hand wash my cookie trays anyway, and don't have many aluminum dishes, so it doesn't bother me, but just a warning.

They are darn expensive in the small packs like this, but I was raving about them to my friend. (Who by the way has been using them for YEARS.) and she told me she gets them at Sam's. I think they were around $18 for 110 tabs. Sweet! Much cheaper than a new dishwasher. I'll never go back.

Cake eyeliner. Black #404. If you wear eyeliner, or even if you don't because it hasn't worked out for you in the past, this is your product.

So the other day I was talking to a lady that had thick eyeliner on only one eye. I'm sure it smudged off throughout the day. It's happened to me before. You look in the mirror while brushing your teeth before bed and realize that you've looked like that ALL DAY. Talking to everyone you know. Hopefully no on noticed?!?

They did.

(Sometimes I have pastel or paint on my face all day without realizing, but that's a different problem entirely. If you ever notice, PLEASE tell me. I'm begging.)

Anyway, this eyeliner is fantastic because it stays on all day, sometimes longer if you don't wash it off. (guilty.) It is soft enough to not look painted on (even though it IS painted on.), and it isn't shiny or greasy.

And the best part about it: it lasts absolutely forever. I've had my little container for FIVE years, and it barely has a dent in it. (Though I lost the lid about a year ago.)

The only downfall of this product is that it requires some skill in application. It is dry in the tin. You just dampen the little brush and rub it in the tin and line your eyes. It takes just a second to dry (depending on how much water you used.)

It took me a couple weeks to get the hang of the angle brush on my eyes. I have ridiculously sensitive eyes, and can't even apply mascara without getting it all over my face. If you are a mascara wearer, you probably can handle it, no problem. If you do make a mess, it washes right off with water.

It's easy peasy now. I just hope they don't stop selling it by the time the container runs out (in ten years or whatever...).

I'm not entirely sure where you can get this. I found one site online that carries it. My mom also sells it in her salon. [(435) 755-5873 ]
I have no idea what it costs, but since it lasts forever, does it really matter?

PRODUCT #3: Art Glitter brand Designer Adhesive.

I bought this to make stationary kits last Christmas. It is AH- MAZING! And I know I say that about a lot of things, but seriously. It looks and feel just like Elmer's glue, except it doesn't wrinkle paper, it's odorless, it has an awesome applicator tip, it dries really quickly, and it's instantly tacky producing a permanent hold that is flexible and not brittle. And it's really, really strong. I've never had it fail me yet. It's a miracle product for gluing anything paper or anything TO paper. Oh yeah, and it's acid free!

Last week I made a bunch of posters for Teacher Appreciation Week and I pulled out this baby. Instant permanent letters. Most of the scrapbooking adhesives either aren't as permanent as they claim to be, or they are difficult to apply (Hello blue tabs!) Tape runners are too expensive, permanent glues are too stinky, messy, and wrinkly, Xyron is expensive, and sometimes doesn't stick to smooth papers. They all have major flaws.

I need a gallon of this stuff for scrapbooking, card making, crafting, posters, and about anything else you need to glue.

You can get this at Robert's Crafts, or online. I'm so sad that our Robert's is going out of business. (I'm gonna go have a little cry about losing my favorite craft store now. Okay, I'm over it.) I'll have to stock up next time I'm in Utah. It's about $11 or $12 full price, but just use a 50% off coupon, and you're all set.


It's your turn. What are your favorite products I never knew I couldn't live without? I double-dog dare you to share them on your blog. (Or in the comments if you aren't a blogger.)

Because I never want to be the last one to know again...


Sharon said...

i have been looking for new dishwasher soap, i'm not satisfied with what i have now, i'm excited to go to sam's now! one thing i cannot live without.... hmmmmm charmin TP, i can never go back cheap stuff

Debbie Murdock said...

My sis in law swears by those little cascade tablet thingy...I'm too cheap though. I'll have to look for coupons but then I'm afraid I would like it too much I would have to buy it from then on. And I'm more than sure you have more than 6 faithful followers. Sometimes people read and don't comment I've been finding out a lot but if you talk with them they have read it. So sad your Roberts is going out of business...I'm so spoiled to have one 10 minutes from my house.

carol said...

1. trying the cascade. we must have the same washer. i'm desperate for something that works.

2. was it me with the half eyeliner face? it was wasn't it.

3. my thing to share is not a product really, but a radio show. everyone in the world should know about "wait wait don't tell me," a hilarious news/game show that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. go to www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=35 to listen. you'll be glad you did. :)

Michael and Stephanie said...

Thanks for the favorites. One of my favorites is Mr Clean's magic eraser. It really can get anything off. It even gets permanent marker off of counter tops. It's worth every penny.

Dave and Shatzi said...

I'm gunna have to try the cake eyeliner. I've never heard of it, but I could see liking it. Especially if it lasts sooo long!

One of my favs is a food. We were tempted to learn to make homemade tortillas - they taste really good, but found out they are labor intensive. Not too good for a quick meal. But, Sam's (I promise I do shop at other stores) carries some tortillas that are not cooked, so you just have to heat up the skillet and cook each one for 30 seconds or so. They taste completely home made. We LOVE them!!!

Sally said...

I tried the Cascade tablets (but with blue and not orange) and they made my dishes taste like soap, so I went back to my Electrisol (or Finish now I guess) Tablets and I LOVE those. They are also at Sams. I have a ton of Cascade ones left if you want them. I just need to figure out a good way to get them to you... Also, ditto on the tortillas at Costco or Sams, we don't have them back east but I eat them when I'm out west and they are so good! Hmmm, I guess my tip would be how to whiten your whites. Soak any stained or just 'not white anymore' white clothing in a mixture of hot water, a little bleach and some liquid dishwashing detergent (your leftovers now that you are using tabs or go buy some cheap liquid). It is amazing! I soak in a big bin, but you can soak it right in your washing machine. Great post!