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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am NOT bakerella.

I made puppy pops for Averie's birthday. I stole the idea from bakerella.

(Photo courtesy of www.bakerella.com.)

Click HERE to meet bakerella. This super creative baking genius that concocts cullinary cuteness that is just to die for. Click on "Cake Pops" or "Cupcake Pops". You'll Ooh and Ahh, and Laugh and Cry. But please take caution when attempting this cuteness. It is much more difficult than she makes it look.

I *attempted* to make these darling puppy "cake pops" for Averie's birthday. Attempted it the key word here.

As you may have surmised from the title, I am NOT bakerella. Nor do I pretend to be. These were trickier than I expected, and my first one I couldn't even bear to take a picture of. I was far too embarrassed at my complete and utter failure. It was a lumpy, blob and looked more like a wookie than a puppy.

My first reaction was actually to laugh OUT LOUD at the ugly blob I was holding on a stick that was supposed to be a puppy. Then I ate it. It was delicious, so I pressed on.

The directions are on her website, but basically you bake a cake mix, let it cool, crumble it into a large bowl, and dump in a can of frosting. Mix it really, really well and form one inch or so balls of cake:
Mine were a little bigger than they were supposed to be.

Then you dip the sticks in some melted almond bark and stick them into the cake balls.

Then refrigerate for several hours, or even freeze them. I didn't have room in my freezer, so I refrigerated them for half a day.

Collect your other ingredients: Melting chocolate, brown and white (DO NOT substitute chocolate chips or peanut butter chips here. That is how I got a wookie. The chips specifically made for dipping are the way to go.)

I also used Life Savers, brown mini m&m's, and I used black sesame seeds for the eyes. My puppies did not have mouths. And I'm okay with that. (Bakerella used an edible marker for the faces. I don't think they sell such a thing in this state though.)

The ears were another fail in my attempt to be bakerella. Use the plastic spoons, not the metal. You'll be glad you did. My ears were dog ugly, but nobody minded...

Bakerella assembled hers after they dried, but I just don't have those kind of skills or "candy glue"? What the heck is candy glue anyway?

I just melted the chocolate, rolled the cake balls in, stuck on the faces while the chocolate was still wet and it worked beautifully. Did I just say beautifully? Okay, by the end I was getting the hang of them. I made 45, but you only get to see the best of the bunch:

I'm telling you, there were several that had to be put out of their misery immediately.
They were delicious anyway.


Sharon said...

I love em!! averie looks super cute too!

Dave and Shatzi said...

Those turned out super cute!!! I bet Averie loved them. Happy Birthday Averie!

Brittany said...

I wanted to make the Elmo ones for Braylee's birthday, but I know I'm not bakerella. Yours turned out cute!

Anna said...

Fun! I'm amazed by your patience and bravery for new projects!