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Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Garden Update

Spring has (maybe) finally come to our corner of the world. It's been a cold, long, windy, snowy, nasty spring. Hopefully (for the garden's sake, and for my own sanity) we are on to more springish weather.

As you can see from my tulips, we are still quite behind the rest of the country when it comes to warm weather. But aren't my little purple pansies cute from last mother's day... (Never mind all the grass in my flower bed. We're not talking about that today.)

Today in the garden we planted:

purple and orange carrots,
red and green cabbage,
red potatoes,
six varieties of lettuce.

I'm excited to see all the colors emerging from the ground.

Here are the little peas:

And onions:

And garlic:

I'm glad we got at least a few things in the ground before it snowed and got all nasty, Idaho style, on us. We are more than a month behind last year in the garden!

Brandon has some Fridays off now that tax season is over and summer is approaching. I love having him around more! Averie has had so much fun today being Daddy's little shadow while he worked outside.

Hooray for spring!


Sharon said...

holy smokes, you are way ahead of me and my garden! and you're growing a few things i haven't even attempted (celery?!) its going to be awesome!! hopefully we don't get any more snow (but i predict one more storm)

Debbie Murdock said...

I LOVE red potatoes...I wish we had as much room to plant everything on my wish list. Instead we have to get a little creative with space. I'm curious if the hanging upside down strawberry plants actually work? Matt planted my garden yesterday...we're late too because of the crazy weather.

Jenni said...

It is so exciting to watch the vegetables come up. This is the first year we have done a garden and who knew I could be so excited about beets coming up!

Anna said...

Your garden is spectacular! Every year you'll get more proficient with growing techniques and successful experimentation. I'm especially interested in how your varieties of lettuce do. Keep us all posted.