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Monday, June 21, 2010

Clegg Family Reunion

This weekend we went to the annual Clegg family reunion. It was such a fun-packed few days. I took nearly 200 pictures. Yikes! Guess I had plenty to choose from.
(Buckle in, because this is gonna be a long post.)

This one is my favorite though:

(Averie and Papa) We don't get smiles like that on camera too often from Averie darling.

We went to mom's house for a couple days before the big event. I think it's my kids favorite place on earth. We walk in the door and they disappear. Like, for hours.

We went to a fun little arts festival, had a picnic in the park, jumped on the trampoline, practiced our face painting, and admired the beautiful flower gardens. And relaxed a bit too. We always have a super time at Grandma Gina's.

And just check out her gorgeous flowers. GORGEOUS, I tell you. I don't grow flowers. Except for tulips, but they don't count because they take zero work/skill. Flowers are an adventure for people without four children and a 40 by 60 foot vegetable garden. But someday, when I do grow flowers, I hope they are as lovely as these:

Saturday morning we awoke bright and early to drive to the much anticipated reunion site. The Clegg Family Reunion is NOT one of those boring, dreaded reunions where a bunch of old people you don't know sit in a circle and talk about people you've never heard of while eating pot luck mystery food. I've been to a few of those too. And those are fine and dandy, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that type of reunion, BUT ...

this particular reunion is in a class of its own.

It's like a super reunion or something.

Catered gourmet food, magic shows, train rides, face painting, crafts, games, tons and tons of kids and fun people to chat with. I mean where else can you dress as a deceased relative and march to accordion music while singing boistrously, "The More We Get Together The Happier We'll Be..." at the top of your lungs?

I'm not joking. Really!

I thought this behavior was perfectly normal until I was married and observed the reaction of Mr. Allen. I mean, doesn't every happy family do this kind of stuff?

Apparently not. But they should. It's some serious fun.

These are my awesome grandparents that hosted this year:

Here are some pictures of everyone getting all ready for the parade:

And some photographic evidence that they really DO dress up as deceased relatives. People never believe me. Let me introduce you to Great-Grandpa Joy and Great-Grandma Oriel. I never met them, but they had to be pretty amazing people to have this kind of following.

This is my awesome great-aunt Jean (a.k.a. Miss Piggy) that plays the accordion and leads the chorus for the parade. She is amazingly spunky. And an angel. She sends birthday cards to EVERYONE she knows on their birthdays. Everyone. I forget my own birthday some years.

Another one of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

A few of my favorite men on the planet: Papa Ken, My handsome (and single..) brother Caden, and of course Brandon and baby Rylan. I just love the smiles all around in this picture.

And this is what they are laughing at:

My cousin's little boy dressed as a dinosaur in the parade and roared ferociously at the top of his lungs for a solid twelve minutes after the parade was over. It was truly an impressive and deafening roar. The whole group was in stitches. He's darling.

Here is my awesome, totally and amazingly talented brother Shane who catered and cooked three huge meals for all in attendance that would put most fine restaurants to shame. The food was phenomenal.
And here is is gorgeous wife/assistant that kept stealing my baby. Love you Carlee!

And here is the candy cannon:

No one was mortally wounded. Don't worry

And the "train" fashioned out of 50 gallon buckets: (Extremely fun and BuMpY!)

Ellorie informed me that she rode the train every time it went around the park, except for twice. Once when a little boy spilled a soda all over her, and once when she missed the train because of spilling something else. She was very sticky by the end of the day. I'm sure she wasn't alone though.

We had plenty of fun games, conversations, laughs, and smiles:

My mom and I did face painting for FOUR HOURS. Here are some of the "masterpieces". It was really fun, but remind me to never go into the face painting business.

And then for the grand finale, Uncle Gert put on his famous magic show. The same one he performed when I was about Ellorie's age. It's still just as magical. He used to dress up in all the gear and my brother Shane and I would tell all of our friend's that he was a "REAL" magician. His tricks are pretty sweet...

The kids were totally captivated

Mason was totally confused and wracking his brain trying to figure out how he could have possible done some of those tricks.

And then he threw up.
He ate WAY too much sugar + not enough water + too much sun = sick.
It was totally worth it though...

We had an absolute blast!


Kirsa said...

Oh I'm SO glad you posted these. Sounds like a blast!

carol said...

Your nephew roaring for 12 minutes- hilarious. and please teach me the art of face painting sometime. or any type of painting for that matter. :)

Kelsey Alissa Larsen said...

i have a zillion comments i wanna make!!!
1- remember at the rock'n R ranch when i was great grandma oriel????? also that same year when karl kept sneaking out to get good food from the town a few miles down the road lol
2- i still have the magic trick the uncle gert gave me when i was about masons age
3- i am so jealous of everyone who got to go. i miss our family
4- that train is such a darling idea!! how many years ago did they start that up? is it new this year?
5- the candy cannon made me laugh out loud. literally. that one HAD to be aunt jean's idea.

What a wonderful family we have :)

I would have loved to be there.

Brittany said...

Looks like a fun reunion! Love the painted faces.

Jana said...

So it's true... you were not kidding! As crazy as it sounds it sure looks fun!