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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cousin Jenna's B-day Party

So many birthdays this month! And I didn't even get a single picture of the birthday girl. Jenna, my darling niece, turned 5 yesterday. She was so kind as to invite our entire family to her party at Leo's Place. The kids had a crazy fun time. Arcades, play ground equipment, pizza, cupcakes, all kinds of fun!

Averie was introduced to the thrills of ski-ball, and life as we know it will never be the same. Seriously, she love it. And she couldn't actually get the ball up the little ramp, so it would roll right back to her and she could play for about a half hour on one token. My kinda game. Averie bought plastic spiders with her winnings. Ellorie spent hers on candy, I think.

Mason was Mr. Lucky and won the "jackpot" on some giant wheel of fun game, where he landed on 200 tickets on his first shot. Tickets came spitting out of the machine like mad, and it was as if he had won the lottery. Remind me to bring him with me if I ever take up gambling. He came home with a plastic Ninja sword and some other fancy toys that will most likely be heading to Good Will in the near future...

We had a great time watching the kids and chatting with everyone. Happy Birthday Jenna!

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