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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Golf Lessons

I let the kids each choose one sport to try this summer. Mason chose "golf".

When he was just tiny, his Uncle Shane bought him a really nice golf set. It was way too big for him then, but it's perfect now.

I found a community golf workshop for kids at a local golf course. It was only three days long, so it was more like golf camp.

I need to see if I can find another one, because Mason loved it!

They learned how to swing and stand the first day, worked on full swings the second day, and putting and chipping the third day.

He was a little bit disappointed that he didn't get to use his driver.

The teachers were great, and the class size was nice and small. About 4-5 kids per teacher.

Mason listened very carefully to the instructions and tried really hard to do exactly what they asked.

He keeps reminding me that it's free to go practice putting at the golf course. And I keep reminding him that we have an acre of grass in the backyard.

It's not the same thing, I realize. Maybe we'll have to go to the mini golf place this week.

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The Wendt Wagon said...

I am jealous that you have the option of golfing in your back yard. We have just a postage stamp of a yard, and we chare a fence with Home Depot. I don't think they would like golf balls through their windows. We will just have to stick to the putt putt golf idea. It looks like Mason had a blast.