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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grass Heads

Mason made these fun little guys at cub scouts den meeting a while ago. It's sort of like a "Chia Pet", but more disposable. They were simple to make and have lasted for over a month now. I thought it was a great idea and so we made them for one of the crafts at the family reunion this past weekend.

It's really a very simple and fun craft. The best part is cutting the hair.

If you want to make some of your own, here is what you will need:

a 8 to 10 inch piece of a nylon stocking. Neutral color and thin works best.
a cup or two of fine sawdust
two (or more for aliens) google eyes
a tablespoon or so of grass seed or chia seed
foam shapes for decorating
a glue gun and glue sticks
a plastic bowl for him to "live in"

First tie a knot in the end and turn it inside out. (So the knot is inside.)

Spoon in the grass seed and a bit of the sawdust and spread it around a little with the spoon. Stuff in the rest of the sawdust until you like the size. If you want a mustache or beard you can add them carefully with a spoon at this point by sprinkling a little more grass seed in the desired locations.

Tie a knot in the bottom of the nylon. It's okay to leave a little tail as it helps to soak up the water.

Now decorate it with the shapes and eyes using the glue gun to attach all the pieces.

And that's it!

Now keep the head in a bowl filled with a bit of water and keep it in a sunny location. In a few days the grass will start to sprout out the top.

And then they will just keep growing until there is a healthy mop of hair....

And finally it will be time for a little trim...

The kids get a kick out of watching them grow and cutting the hair every few days. I think ours are in need of a little fertilizer soon, but they have really lasted a long time. The kids at the reunion were very creative in decorating theirs. All kinds of aliens and creatures took shape. We used chia seed there instead of grass seed. I would love to see how they turned out if any of you readers have kids that made one...

Happy crafting!

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