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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Adventure #2: TV Museum

Did you know that Philo T. Farnsworth invented the television? Well now you know. He also happened to live here in Idaho and there is a museum here dedicated to him and also to the counties of Idaho.

Mason needed to go to a museum for a cub scout requirement, and he chose out of the reward jar, "go somewhere fun". So a day at the museum was born. We loaded up the crew and we were off.

Now, I can't necessarily recommend this particular museum. In fact, it was a bit creepy. See for yourself:

Check out Betty Crocker

Do you like this guy's hair do? He is a teacher in one of the rooms.

A hair contraption, I guess.

I have no words.

Mason loved these swords. They looked old and possibly valuable, but who knows.

There were some cool and completely random antiques, all without labels or information of any kind.

This one was downright scary. Mason absolutely refused to stand next to him for a picture.

The coolest thing in the museum was the artifact cabinet. They had all kinds of arrowheads, clay oil lamps (which were once quite a passion of mine), really old, interesting coins, and all kinds of ancient artifacts found in Idaho. So it wasn't a complete loss.

The poor museum just seems to be in need of a little... uh... funding? There was no information whatsoever. No plaques, informational charts, signs, or anything of the sort. It was pretty much just a lot of old stuff organized by room. We should have asked for a tour, I guess.

We probably won't be returning again any time soon, but hey, now I can say I've been to the TV museum.

Oh, and Rylan had the mother-of-all-blow outs all over himself and all over me on our way out. Fun times.

To summer adventures!


Gina said...

that hair contraption is how they used to do Perms... Ha! Looks like a good way to electrocute yourself huh?

carol said...

HaHAHA! I have been saying for the three years we've lived here that we have GOT to get to that museum. I think I will shut my mouth. The guy in the orange jumpsuit-what is that? I am laughing out loud. oh sorry, LOL-ing. :)