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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bumper Crop

There are many things that do not grow well in Idaho. Our cold weather and short, harsh growing season is a recipe for disaster when you are talking about warm weather-loving plants like peppers, melons, corn, and most kinds of fruit trees. Idaho is famous for potatoes, of course, and ours are definitely living up to the hype. But another, somewhat exciting discovery I have made since moving to Idaho is that peas, and cold-weather loving plants like lettuce, spinach, beets, and swiss chard L-O-V-E it here.

When we lived in Utah, I grew peas. They were never anything special though. Small. Poor production. Now, we have more peas hanging off the plants than we can eat. Here is our first picking:

And there are many, many more that aren't quite ready.

The kids were really excited to pick and shuck the peas. They actually stuck with it too. We had a wonderful, relaxing time outside in the cool grass.
This is how many were left. After they ate about as many as they shucked. I ate my fair share too. Gotta love fresh garden peas!


Sharon said...

mmmmm those would be amazing in salad!

Debbie Murdock said...

That's awesome and yes I agree with you...Utah is not the best place for peas. We tried peas or first year and they tasted wooden if that makes sense.