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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Last week we volunteered to doggie-sit for my good friend Brooke for most of the week. So we had a big ol' dog party over here. My kids were pretty much in heaven.

Poor Moxy and Yeti didn't know what they were getting into. Ellorie and Averie took the dogs for walks about twice an hour. Not a day, an hour. They spent most of their down time sleeping, as you can imagine. The dogs, not the kids. (I wish.)

Ellorie liked to tuck Moxy in when she had naps. I'm not sure Moxy liked it much, but she tolerated it.

[*SIDE NOTE* Please don't ask me what Ellorie is wearing. I try to avoid letting them leave the house in such getups, but that sort of defeats the purpose when I take a picture and publish it for all of blogdom to see. She can thank me when she turns 16.]

Averie claimed Yeti as her own, and was very motherly to him. Mason gave him his medication each day, but Averie made sure he got several "treats" of broccoli and cucumbers each day.

I didn't get any pictures of Mason playing with the pups, but I assure you he did. He loved the independence of taking Moxy for a walk whenever he wanted, and the responsibility of feeding them. Rocket is a bit of a handful for the kids to walk without me. He is just too strong for them, so it was really fun to have some smaller doggies around.

Rocket loved the new friends and attention as well. He was good buddies with Yeti by the end of the week. Moxy didn't care for him much, but you can't blame her for not liking a guy that won't stop sniffing you.

It was actually a really fun week. Thanks Brooke, for lending us your babies!


Bryce and Sharee said...

Hilarious comment about tigers on the side! I always love to read those. I love Ellorie's outfit btw...I think she has excellent taste!

Anna said...

I love the picture of Moxy---all tuckered-out. I bet Brooke (and her pups) had NO idea what they were in for when she dropped them off!

Brooklyn said...

Thanks again for taking care of the munchkins. I'm so glad that your kids had fun taking care of them! So fun to see the pix of the good times! You guys are the BEST!!!!!!