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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ellorie's First Game

Ellorie is playing soccer this summer. It's been a lot of fun, great exercise, and a super learning experience. And she loves it.

Her first game was last week. And it was the first soccer game of most of her team members as well. Ever. Meaning, most of them haven't yet figured out what "soccer" actually means.

It was highly entertaining to watch the learning process:

-The very first kick off a kid started running toward the wrong goal.

-Most of the kids understood that they were supposed to kick the ball into the goal, but when it got to the goal area, there was some confusion about the actual process of kicking it INTO the goal. They would sort of run up and then stand there, staring at the ball.

-About halfway through the game the goalie(s) figured out that you can run up to the ball and actually pick it up. There was additional confusion about who can enter the goalie box and when.

-These children are very courteous and sportsmanlike. They give the other team high fives for goal or good "moves". Also, they occasionally allow the other team a turn to kick the ball.

-If a player starts dribbling the ball down the field with any amount of skill, the rest of the players make sure to stop what they are doing and to observe the "skill". Hopefully for future reference.

-They have no idea what is meant by "position", "defense", "block", "hands", "substition", "out of bounds", "off sides", or "half-time". But they are pretty big words/concepts for six-year olds.

And speaking of six-year olds, don't those kids look a little big to you? Ellorie is pretty tiny. Look at her compared to her team:

But then look at her team compared to the other team:

Notice the nice formation of the orange team. Take note guys.

Not that it really mattered. The kids all had a great time. Fortunately, they don't know what "competition" means either.

Because they lost handily.

There is one little girl on Ellorie's team with some mad, mad skills. If she gets the ball, she dribbles it all the way down the field and usually scores. It was quite impressive.

My darling daughter, on the other hand, is more interested in the social aspect of the game:

Lest you think this is a break, time out, or the like, it was actually right next to a heated brawl for the soccer ball. I like to imagine I can hear what they are saying to each other...

"It's hot out here."
"Yeah, I'm hot too."
"Have you kicked the ball yet?"
"No, not yet."
"Me neither"
"Soccer is fun, huh"
"Yeah. I love it."

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