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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pioneer Day Celebration

Yesterday we went to a big Pioneer Day celebration (even though Pioneer Day isn't until Saturday.) It was a pretty fun event for our little community. There were lots of fun activities like a big fish pond with real trout, a dunking booth, horseback rides, wagon rides, mutton busting, chicken chasing, and of course food.

Wagon ride

Chicken Chasing (Uh, I think they were supposed to catch the chickens, but my kids liked to try to "pet" them.) Mason got pecked a bit.

Mason really wanted to do the mutton busting, until he watched several kids get launched, stepped on, and rolled over. He decided to opt out. Good choice buddy.

That black thing under the sheep is a little girl wearing a helmet. She was fine, thankfully.

It was a perfect summer evening and we had a nice relaxing time.

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